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  • Title: AMID: Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark: Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Today's Date:.. New Association: Danish Migration Research.. (link to text in Danish).. The primary objectives of the Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark (AMID) are to push research on migratory issues forward in order to better understand and cope with social, cultural and political problems of integration, exclusion and co-citizenship, and to provide an informed knowledge base for political decisions, public debates and popular perceptions on migrants and immigration.. Furthermore, the Consortium  ...   Academy is to build a center of international quality which interacts with other individuals and institutes in Denmark and with centers of excellence internationally.. 2002-2007, AMID: Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark.. | University of Copenhagen | The SAXO Institute | Njalsgade 80 | 2300 Copenhagen S | Denmark | Tel: + 45 35 32 83 00 | Fax: + 45 35 32 94 95|.. Email:.. amid@amid.. dk.. Website designed by.. KMF Design..

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  • Title: AMID: Akademiet for Migrationsstudier i Danmark: Home Page
    Descriptive info: Dags dato:.. Ny forening: Danish Migration Research.. Det primære mål for Akademiet for Migrationsstudier i Danmark (AMID) er at forske i problemstillinger på migrations-området, for bedre at være i stand til at håndtere sociale, kulturelle og politiske problemer i forbindelse med integration, eksklusion og medborgerskab.. Et andet formål er at opbygge en vidensbase, der kan danne grundlag for politiske beslutninger og offentlige debatter på indvandrerområdet..

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  • Title: AMID: Organization and Staff: Organization
    Descriptive info: In this section:.. Organization.. Board of Directors.. Steering Committee.. Administrative Staff.. Senior Post.. Doc.. Researchers.. PhD Fellows.. Here you find info on the organization.. Also contact data and presentations of Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Administrative Staff and Academic Staff including overviews of research interests and publications.. If you would like to listen to or view an introduction to AMID from the international opening conference in August 2001, please.. click here.. The Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark, AMID is a Consortium consisting of researchers at research centers representing four institutions of higher education and two research institutes.. The Academy is based at University of Copenhagen with Professor, Dr.. Phil.. Ulf Hedetoft as the Director.. AMID was established on a 5-year grant by the Danish Research Council for both the Humanities and the Social Sciences.. It began its activities on January 1, 2001.. The Consortium consists of experienced researchers with expertise in different aspects of migration, ethnic questions, marginalization, citizenship and nationalism, both in Denmark and in the context of international, transnational and global processes.. The Consortium consists of the following members:.. UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN, FACULTY OF HUMANITIES.. Information follows.. AALBORG UNIVERSITY's.. research in the area of migration and ethnicity takes place in several departments and research centers and within a tradition for close interdisciplinary collaboration.. Main emphasis is given to five major sub-themes: 1.. issues of identities, perceptions and interactions of minorities and majorities in intercultural perspective; 2.. global approaches to nation-states in relation to migration; 3.. questions of citizenship, marginalization and participation; 4.. social work in relation to migrants; and 5.. issues of ethnic entrepreneurship.. Migration research at Aalborg University comprises senior research as  ...   Danish society.. In addition, analyses of the media coverage of refugee and immigrant issues have been carried out.. THE DANISH NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL RESEARCH.. was set up in 1958 and is an independent institution under the Ministry of Social Affairs.. The Institute is directed toward both Danish and European research and conducts and disseminates research on social policy, labour market conditions and living standards among the population in general and among minority groups such as immigrants and refugees.. The Institute contains a group of researchers focussing on the latter area.. THE DANISH INSTITUTE OF GOVERNMENTAL RESEARCH.. is a socio-scientific research institute.. The Institute investigates problems of interest to the public sector and its users; in particular, problems relevant for Danish counties and municipalities/regions.. The research staff have expertise in the fields of economics, sociology, political science and psychology.. The group working on The Individual and Society carries out research in educational, social and labour-market issues based on data-driven, empirically founded research methods.. The Institute covers a number of different research areas, one of the most important being ethnic minorities.. In addition to the projects related to the five Consortium Partners, three individual projects are also affiliated with AMID.. One of these projects is carried out in relation to Aalborg University and two in relation to the University of Southern Denmark.. Organization Staff.. |.. Research.. Activities.. Publications Dissemination.. Vacancies Fellowships.. Links Resources.. Contact AMID.. Home.. 2003-2007, AMID: Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark | University of Copenhagen | The SAXO Institute | Njalsgade 80 | 2300 Copenhagen S | Denmark.. Tel: + 45 35 32 83 00 | Fax: + 45 35 32 94 95| Email:..

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  • Title: AMID: Research: Thematic Framework
    Descriptive info: Thematic Framework.. Research Areas Projects.. Research Training.. The last two centuries have witnessed a continuous increase in the number of persons and groups of persons moving from one locality to another - across borders, towards citites, between regions.. These migratory processes and their consequences form the thematic  ...   and educational policies; the labour market; social problems and social work; spatial questions; cultural strategies.. To see the full file of the thematic framework, please download the document:.. AMID's Thematic Framework.. (PDF Format).. On the background of the thematic framework the Academy gives priority to five.. research areas..

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  • Title: AMID: Activities: Current AMID Events
    Descriptive info: Current AMID Events.. Types of Events.. Registration Form.. Archive of Events.. AMID Opening Conference 2001.. Immigration Days 2003.. 13th Nordic Migration Conference 2004.. Immigration Days 2006.. (in Danish).. Calendar of Activities for AMID Autumn 2008.. Activities coordinated by AMID will be announced on this calendar as well as other relevant activities within the migration research field hosted by the partner institutions.. NOVEMBER.. 12-13 November 2008.. Conference Indvandrerdage 2008.. Organizers:.. AMID Aalborg.. Venue:.. Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre.. Registration deadline: 15 October 2008.. Calendar of Activities for AMID Autumn 2007.. SEPTEMBER.. 14 September 2007.. PhD Workshop with Meindert Fennema and Lise Togeby on Inclusion in Multicultural Societies theoretical and empirical  ...   Europe.. Dept.. of English, Germanic and Romance Studies and the Dept.. of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen.. University of Copenhagen.. 23 November 2007.. -.. SEMINAR CANCELLED.. PhD Workshop with Thomas Faist on Transnational and Irregular Migration in a European Perspective.. : Aalborg University.. DECEMBER.. 5-6 December.. International Conference: Studying ethnic minorities methodological approaches in qualitative research.. Professor Margaretha Järvinen.. Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen The Danish National Institute of Social Research (SFI).. Researcher, Ph.. D.. in Sociology Kathrine Vitus.. The Danish National Institute of Social Research (SFI).. the Danish National Institute of Social Research (SFI) in Copenhagen.. Registration deadline: 1 Oct.. The schedule is subject to change..

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  • Title: AMID: Publications and Dissemination: AMID Working Papers Series
    Descriptive info: AMID Working Paper Series.. AMID Newsletter.. New Publications.. Debate Section.. AMID Audio Visual.. Mailing Lists.. Here you can download working papers and our newsletter.. You can submit debating essays or register for our targeted mailing lists in order to receive AMID info.. You also have the opportunity to listen to interviews on AMID or view a video from AMID's Opening Conference.. AMID Working Paper Series is available here for free download.. Hardcopies of the Working Papers are available for DKK 25.. 00 each (+ a fee of DKK 18 (covering postage/administration).. Please contact.. AMID.. If you want to publish an article in the AMID Working Paper Serie, please send an email to amid@amid.. All contributions will be peer-reviewed prior to publication in the series.. In order to download you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.. Use this link to download the free software.. 1/2001.. Morten Ejrnæs.. Integrationsloven en case, der illustrerer etniske minoriteters usikre medborgerstatus.. 2/2001.. Tomas Hammar.. The Ugly Duckling and the Academy.. 3/2002.. Jeffrey H.. Cohen.. Social Responses to Migration among Rural Oaxacans: Outcomes in Sending and Receiving Communities.. 4/2002.. Bülent Diken.. Justification and Immigration in the Network Society A New Ambivalence?.. 5/2002.. Ulf Hedetoft.. Discourses and Images of Belonging: Migrants between New Racism , Liberal Nationalism and Globalization.. 6/2002.. Ulla Holm.. The Implication of the Concept of the French State-Nation and Patrie for French Discourses on (Maghrebi) Immigration.. 7/2002.. Peder J.. Pedersen.. Arbejdsmarkedsintegration, arbejdsmarkedspolitik og overførselsindkomster forskningsmæssig viden om immigration fra mindre udviklede lande siden 1980.. 8/2002.. Shahamak Rezaei.. Indvandrerejede virksomheder.. 9/2002.. Margit Helle Thomsen og Mette Moes.. Kompetencer mellem kulturalisering og mangfoldighed.. Om brugen og bedømmelsen af etniske minoriteters kompetencer og ressourcer på det danske arbejdsmarked.. 10/2002.. Vibeke Jakobsen.. Uddannelse og danskkundskaber.. Om uddannelse og danskkundskabers betydning for etniske minoriteters integration i det danske samfund.. 11/2002.. Helena Skyt Nielsen.. Uddannelsesvalg og den sociale arvs betydning med særlig fokus på efterkommere.. 12/2002.. Jill Mehlbye.. Valg af uddannelse og kommunernes vejledning ved overgang fra uddannelse til erhverv.. 13/2002.. Anna Piil Damm.. Etniske minoriteters bosætning og flytninger de seneste 20 års økonomisk-kvantitative forskningsresultater.. 14/2002.. Sølvi Karin Børresen.. Boligmæssig segregering.. Hvad er årsagen til, at flygtningen og indvandrere bor koncentreret i de belastede boligområder?.. 15/2002.. Eskil Heinesen.. Effekter af boligmæssig segregering.. 16/2002.. Inger Koch-Nielsen og Ivan Christensen.. Effekten af den boligsociale indsats over for indandrere og flygtninge.. 17/2002.. Jørgen Goul Andersen.. Danskernes holdninger til indvandrere.. En oversigt.. 18/2002.. Morten Ejrnæs.. Etniske minoriteters tilpasning til livet i Danmark - forholdet mellem majoritetssamfundet og etniske minoriteter.. 19/2002.. Flemming Mikkelsen..  ...   Laustsen.. Becoming Abject - Rape as a Weapon of War.. 35/2004.. Joanne van Selm.. The EU as a Global Player in the Refugee Protection Regime.. 36/2004.. Tordis Borchgrevink.. Dishonourable Integration: Between Honour and Shame.. 37/2005.. Bjørg Colding.. A dynamic analysis of educational progression: Comparing children of immigrants and native Danes.. 38/2005.. Ettore Recchi.. Migrants and Europeans: An Outline of the Free Movement of Persons in the EU.. 39/2005.. Sara Kalm.. Migration Control Policies as Spatial Organization - mobility, power and geopolitical imaginations.. 40/2005.. Dorthe Staunæs.. Zombies and Clones in Diversity Management.. 41/2005.. Charles Westin.. Diversity, National Identity and Social Cohesion.. 42/2005.. Nauja Kleist Peter Hansen.. The Big Demonstration - A study of transborder political mobilisation.. 43/2005.. Tuomas Martikainen.. Religion, Immigrants and Integration.. 44/2005.. Kirsten Hvenegård-Lassen.. Realistic Grown-Ups? A comparative analysis on how the formation of an integrated subject is conceived in Sweden and Denmark.. 45/2005.. Poul Chr.. Mathiessen.. The Demography of the Middle East and North Africa in a Global Context.. 46/2005.. Hakan G.. Sicakkan.. How is a Diverse European Society Possible? An Exploration into New Public Spaces in Six European Countries.. 47/2005.. Jørgen Clausen.. The Dramatic Drop in Fertility in Iran.. 48/2006.. Jan Ekberg.. Immigration to the Welfare State.. Is it a Burden or a Contribution? The Case of Sweden.. 49/2006.. Jens Lintrup.. Middle Eastern and North African Cultures - Barriers to Industrial Growth?.. 50/2006.. Simon Turner.. Inside-Outside: Political Transformation in Burundi and its Diaspora.. 51/2006.. Anika Liversage.. The Interrelation of Trajectory and Identity - the re-education of a high-skilled immigrant.. 52/2006.. Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen.. Filtering Out the Risky Migrant.. Migration control, risk theory and the EU.. 53/2006.. Immigration and the Legitimacy of the Scandinavian Welfare State: Some Preliminary Danish Findings.. 54/2006.. Birgitta Frello.. Cultural Hybridity - Contamination or Creative Transgression?.. 55/2006.. Ragnhild Ihle.. Social Work as Guide to Refugee Integration from needs to individual planning programs.. 56/2006.. Ariane B.. Kelleris.. The Relationship between Frequent Relocation and Childhood/Youth Behaviour.. 57/2006.. Jette Kofoed.. Selecting the Team.. Doing Whiteness and Masculinity.. 58/2006.. Mine Üçok.. Transnational Consumption Practices for Social Mobility: A Study of Turkish Immigrants in Denmark.. 59/2006.. Rashmi Singla.. The Formation of Intimate Partnerships among Ethnic Minority Youth in Denmark: Generational Relationships Religious Endogamy.. 60/2006.. Christer Gerdes Eskil Wadensjö.. Immigration and the Welfare State: Some Danish Experiences.. 61/2006.. Mette Moes.. Kulturens nåleøje - en sociokulturel analyse af beskæftigelsesbarrieren blandt etniske minoriteter og andre udsatte grupper.. 62/2007.. Clarissa Berg Peter Hervik.. Muhammedkrisen en politisk kamp i dansk journalistik.. 63/ 2008.. Helene Pristed Nielsen.. Etniske minoritetskvinders medborgerskab i Danmark..

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  • Title: AMID: Vacancies and Fellowships: Job Openings
    Descriptive info: Job Openings.. Visiting Fellows Programme.. Current Fellows.. Previous Fellows.. Here we announce full PhD scholarships and other job openings.. Our visiting fellows programme is for Senior scholars or Post.. doc.. s or for those already enrolled in a PhD programme..

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  • Title: AMID: Links
    Descriptive info: Research Centres Institutions.. Journals/publications.. E-Library on Migration Information Resources in the Middle East.. The e-Library on Migration Resources in the Middle East is a web-based archive containing resources on migration-related information in the Middle East.. By using a search engine in English and Arabic, users can browse through more than 600 papers, statistics, maps and other relevant documents regarding migration in the Middle East.. The website will be updated on a regular basis, with information about a wide range of migration-related topics such as: migrant trafficking, diasporas, internally displaced persons, labor migration, legislation, migrants' rights, migration and development, migration health, migration policies of receiving and sending countries, refugees, remittances, return migration and reintegration.. The purpose of the e-Library is to contribute to the overall understanding of migration in the Middle East and to improve access to migration resources such as studies and documents.. Its primary audience is constituted by IOM, governments, regional institutions and others interested in conceptualizing, designing and developing migration management interventions in the region.. The geographical area covered by the e-Library includes the Arab Mashreq (Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, and Syria), as well as the Arabian Peninsula (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen).. Migration Resources MigRes.. MigRes provides information useful for interdisciplinary research on migration and migrant communities, as well as on asylum, immigration policy and initiatives targeted at the incorporation of migrants.. Related issues such as debates on multiculturalism are also included.. The main disciplines covered are social geography, sociology, law,  ...   Özden, Çaglar and Maurice Schiff (eds).. International Migration, Remittances and the Brain Drain.. Houndmills: The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development/ The World Bank Palgrave Macmillan.. Global Commission on International Migration (GCIM):.. Migration in an interconnected world: New directions for action.. October 2005.. Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies.. (CEDEM), University of Liège, Belgium.. Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations.. (CRER) University of Warwick, UK.. Centre on Migration, Policy and Society.. (COMPAS), Oxford University, UK.. Center for Migration Studies.. , USA.. Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism.. (CEREN), Swedish School of Social Science, University of Helsinki, Finland.. Centre for the Study of Equality and Multiculturalism.. (CESEM), University of Copenhagen, Denmark.. European Forum for Migration Studies.. (efms), University of Bamberg, Germany.. European Migration Institute.. , Germany.. European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations.. (ERCOMER), Utrecht University, the Netherlands.. HWWA Portal Migration.. Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees in the UK (ICAR).. Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies.. (IMES), University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.. Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies.. (IMIS), University of Osnabruek, Germany.. International Centre for Migration Policy Development.. (ICMPD), Austria.. International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World.. (ISIM), The Netherlands.. International Migration and Ethnic Relations.. (IMER Norway/Bergen), University of Bergen, Norway.. International Organization for Migration.. Migration Policy Institute.. Migration Research Program.. (MiReKoc), Koç University, Turkey.. Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration.. (ETMU), Finland.. The Centre for Research in International Migration and Ethnic Relations.. (CEIFO), University of Stockholm, Sweden.. The International Metropolis Project..

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  • Title: AMID: Contact
    Descriptive info: Academy for Migration Studies in Denmark (AMID).. Aalborg University.. Fibigerstraede 2.. DK-9220 Aalborg East.. Denmark.. Tel: + 45 9635 8080.. Fax: + 45 9635 0044.. "; $extra_header ="From: $from"; # Target email address $to ="amid@amid.. dk"; # Email Subject $subject = "Contact form AMID website"; # sends an email mail($to, $subject, $message, $extra_header, "-f$from"); $contact_name = ""; $contact_email = ""; $contact_phone = ""; $comments = ""; $fromform = ""; ?>.. Your comment have been sent, thank you for your interest.. Name:.. ">.. Email:.. Phone:.. Comments:..

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  • Title: AMID: Organisation: Organisation
    Descriptive info: Akademiet for Migrationsstudier i Danmark:.. I denne sektion:.. Organisation.. Bestyrelse.. Styregruppe.. Administration.. Seniorforskere og Post.. Ph.. d.. -stipendiater.. Her kan du finde informationer om organisationen.. Derudover kan du finde data om vore kontaktpersoner og en præsentation af bestyrelsen, styregruppen, administrationen og underviser- og forskerstaben, inklusiv en oversigt over forskningsområder og udgivelser.. Hvis du ønsker at lytte til eller se en introduktionstale om AMID fra vores internationale åbningskonference i august 2001, klik.. her.. Akademiet for Migrationsstudier i Danmark, AMID, er et konsortium bestående af forskere ved forskningscentre, der repræsenterer fire højere læreanstalter og to forskningsinstitutter.. Akademiet har sæde ved Københavns Universitet med professor, dr.. phil.. Ulf Hedetoft som leder.. AMID blev etableret på basis af en femårig bevilling fra Statens Humanistiske Forskningsråd og Statens Samfundsvidenskabelige Forskningsråd.. Det begyndte sine aktiviteter den 1.. januar 2001.. Konsortiet består af erfarne forskere med ekspertise inden for forskellige aspekter af migration, etniske spørgsmål, marginalisering, medborgerskab og nationalisme, både i Danmark og i en kontekst af internationale, transnationale og globale processer.. Konsortiet består af følgende medlemmer:.. KØBENHAVNS UNIVERSITET, DET HUMANISTISKE FAKULTET.. Information følger snarest.. AALBORG UNVERSITETS.. forskning inden for migrations- og etnicitetsområdet foregår på flere fakulteter og forskningscentre og inden for en tradition for tæt interdisciplinært samarbejde.. Der lægges størst vægt på fem vigtige underemner: 1.. Problemstillinger omkring identitet, omverdenens opfattelse af og det indbyrdes samspil mellem minoriteter og majoriteter i et interkulturelt perspektiv; 2.. globale tilgange til nationalstaten i relation til  ...   vedrørende flygtninge og indvandrere på hovedsageligt to områder: For det første foretager de undersøgelser af danskernes holdning til flygtninge og indvandrere, og, for det andet.. , analyser af indvandrernes medborgerskab i det danske samfund.. Ydermere er der blevet lavet analyser af mediedækningen af flygtninge- og indvandrerspørgsmålet.. SOCIALFORSKNINGSINSTITUTTET (SFI).. Socialforskningsinstituttet blev dannet i 1958 og er en selvstændig institution under Socialministeriet.. Instituttet er rettet mod både dansk og europæisk forskning, og det udfører og udbreder forskning om socialpolitik, forholdene på arbejdsmarkedet samt levestandarden generelt i befolkningen og i minoritetsgrupper såsom indvandrere og flygtninge.. Instituttet omfatter en gruppe forskere, der fokuserer på de sidstnævnte områder.. AKF, ANVENDT KOMMUNALFORSKNING.. AKF er et socio-videnskabeligt forskningsinstitut.. Instituttet undersøger problemer, der er af interesse for den offentlige sektor og dens brugere; specielt problemer, der er relevante for amter og kommuner.. Forskerstaben har ekspertise inden for områderne økonomi, sociologi, statskundskab og psykologi.. Den gruppe, der arbejder på Individ og Samfund , udfører forskning inden for uddannelsesmæssige, sociale og arbejdsmarkedsmæssige spørgsmål.. Denne forskning er baseret på data-drevne, empirisk baserede forskningsmetoder.. Instituttet spænder over et antal forskellige forskningsområder, hvoraf et af de vigtigste er de etniske minoriteter.. Ud over de projekter, der er relateret til de fem partnere i konsortiet, er tre individuelle projekter også tilknyttet AMID.. Et af disse projekter bliver udført i tilknytning til Aalborg Universitet, og de to andre i tilknytning til Syddansk Universitet.. Forskning.. Arrangementer.. Publikationer nyheder.. Stillinger.. Links.. Kontakt AMID..

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  • Title: AMID: Forskning: Temaramme
    Descriptive info: Temaramme.. Forskningsprojekter og -områder.. Forskeruddannelse.. I løbet af de sidste to århundreder har vi været vidne til en vedvarende forøgelse af antallet af mennesker og grupper af mennesker, der bevæger sig fra en lokalitet til en anden - på tværs af grænser, imod byer, mellem regioner.. Disse vandringsprocesser og deres konsekvenser udgør temarammen for AMID og inkluderer følgende tematiske fokusområder: Skole- og uddannelsespolitik; arbejdsmarked; sociale problemer og socialt arbejde; bosætningsmæssige spørgsmål; kulturelle strategier.. Hele filen med temarammen kan downloades her:.. AMIDs temaramme.. (PDF-format).. På baggrund af temarammen giver Akademiet.. fem forskningsområder.. højeste prioritet..

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