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    Archived pages: 804 . Archive date: 2012-11.

  • Title: DAC | Dansk arkitektur center boghandel forside
    Descriptive info: .. Gå til DAC.. Kontakt.. In English.. DAC | Bookshop.. Søgning.. Søg.. (Tom indkøbskurv).. Menu.. Abonner på magasiner.. Accessories.. Andre lande.. Arkitekturfilosofi.. Arkitektur generelt.. Arkitektur- og kunsthistorie.. Boliger.. Byplanlægning.. Kommercielt byggeri.. Danmark.. Fotografi.. Gavekort og firmagaver.. Grafisk design.. Guides.. Industrielt design.. Indretning.. Innovation.. København.. Konstruktion og byggeteknik.. Kunst.. Have- og landskabsarkitektur.. Livsstilsbyggeri.. Lys.. Magasiner.. Management.. Materialer.. Monografi.. Møbler.. Norden.. Nyheder.. Offentligt byggeri.. Opslagsværker.. Priser.. Restaurering.. Storbyer.. Tegning og modeller.. Udsalgsvarer.. Udstillingsdesign.. Økologi og bæredygtighed.. VELKOMMEN TIL SKANDINAVIENS STØRSTE ARKITEKTUR BOGHANDEL.. MED OVER 13.. 000 BØGER OG OPFINDSOMME GAVE-IDEER,  ...   ELLER BESØG OS PÅ CHRISTIANSHAVN.. Forfatter: Hélène Binet.. Forlag: Phaidon.. ISBN: 9780714861197.. Pris:.. DKK.. 1175,00.. Læs mere.. Antal:.. Forfatter: Alexander Bretz, Arian Hassani, Joachim Kobuss.. Forlag: Birkhäuser.. ISBN: 9783034601016.. 285,00.. Flere nyheder.. Udsalg.. Forfatter: Malcolm Millais.. Forlag: Frances Lincoln Limited.. ISBN: 9780711229747.. 120,00.. Forfatter: W Halén.. ISBN: 9780714829524.. 180,00.. Flere udsalgsvarer.. Nyhedsbrev.. Tilmelding.. Betingelser.. Faglig rådgivning.. Rabat.. Opdateret d.. 07.. November 2012.. Strandgade 27B DK - 1401 København K - T: 3257 1930 - Entré: 40 kr.. / stud.. 25 kr.. © 2012 DAC | Dansk Arkitektur Center..

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  • Title: Kontakt
    Descriptive info: Dansk Arkitektur Center.. Strandgade 27 B.. 1401 København K.. Web:.. www.. dacbookshop.. dk.. Telefon: +45 32 64 54 68.. E-mail:.. Åbningstider:.. Mandag - Fredag.. 10 17.. Onsdag.. 10 21.. Lørdag + Søndag.. 9.. 45 17.. Forfatter: D Boudet.. Forlag: Lumacakess.. ISBN: 9788461178995.. 197,50.. Forfatter:.. Forlag: El Croquis.. ISBN: 9788488386465.. 417,50..

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  • Title: Frontpage
    Descriptive info: Go to DAC.. Contact.. In Danish.. (No items in basket).. Subscribe to magazines.. Other Countries.. Architecture Philosphy.. General Architecture.. History of Art and Architecture.. Housing.. Urban Planning.. Commercial Construction.. Denmark.. Photography.. Corporate gifts and gift cards.. Graphic Design.. City Guides.. Industrial Design.. Interior Decoration.. Copenhagen.. Building Construction and Technique.. Art.. Garden & Landscape Architecture.. Life Style Building.. Light.. Magazines.. Materials.. Furniture.. Monographies.. The Nordic Countries.. New Arrivals.. Public Buildings.. Sustainability and Ecology.. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias.. Awards.. Renovation and Remodeling.. Big Cities.. Drawings and Models.. Sale.. Exhibition Design.. WELCOME TO SCANDINAVIAS  ...   ENTER OUR WORLD OF CREATIVITY.. SHOP ONLINE OR VISIT US IN CHRISTIANSHAVN, COPENHAGEN.. News.. Author: Dimitris Kottas.. Publisher: Links.. ISBN: 9788415123248.. Price:.. 399.. 00.. Read more.. ISBN: 9788415123279.. More new arrivals.. Books on sale.. Author: Ayse Pamuk.. Publisher: ESRI Press.. ISBN: 9781589481435.. 347.. 50.. Author: Oscar Asenio.. Publisher: Rockport Publishers.. ISBN: 9781592532742.. 247.. More items on sale.. Newsletter.. Sign up.. Terms & Conditions.. Professional Advice.. Discounts.. Log ind.. Brugernavn.. Adgangskode.. Updated 07.. Strandgade 27B DK - 1401 København K - T: 3257 1930 - Entry: 40 kr / students 25 kr..

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  • Title: Abonner på magasiner
    Descriptive info: Shop.. Ingen varer fundet.. Forfatter: Marlous van Rossum-Willems.. Forlag: Frame Publishers.. ISBN: 9783899553000.. 247,50.. Forfatter: Harry Sachs, Franz Hoefner.. Forlag: Gestalten.. ISBN: 9783899552485.. 167,50..

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  • Title: Accessories
    Descriptive info: 380 produkter fundet.. Forrige.. Side 1 af 26.. Næste.. Let''s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art.. 119,00.. Marion Deuchars.. Laurence King.. 9781780670157.. Lager:.. Discover different and surprising ways of creating pictures with finger- and handprints.. Create handprint birds, lions and reindeer; invent strange creatures by combining fingerprints and blowpainting; make fingerprint stencil art or create your own gallery of aliens and monsters.. From flowers and bees to dinosaurs and skeletons - let the inky fingers begin!.. 75 Tools to be Creative: A Fun Card Deck for Creative Inspiration.. 225,00.. Wimer Hazenberg, Menno Huisman.. BIS Publishers.. 9789063692759.. Designers use many creative tools: Mind Mapping, Customer Journey, Brainstorming, Reverse Thinking, Six Thinking Hats, Doodling, Talk Streaming, Unfolding and many more.. These tools are helpful in different stages of a creative process.. It could be a design process, but these tools are also applicable in any situation, guiding any process where new ideas are required.. This box contains 75 cards, each devoted to one tool.. Each tool is clearly explained and ready to use when you need to solve a problem, regardless of the reader''s profession or background.. It is also an excellent resource to help you select which creative tools would best suit the specific stage of your project.. The 75 tools are organized around six steps in the process: 1.. get started 2.. look around 3.. ask around 4.. break it down 5.. break free 6.. evaluate & select.. A wonderful and resourceful box for creative professionals and anyone who wishes to apply creative thinking to solving problems in any profession.. Magic and Fairy-tale Dice (Story Telling Game).. 99,00.. Magma Books, Hannah Waldron.. 9781856699198.. Ikke på lager:.. Revive the art of storytelling using these nine beautifully illustrated wooden dice to create the most imaginative, funny and bizarre stories.. Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess, who lived all alone in an enchanted forest with only a top hat and a magnifying glass for company.. One fine day, a singing frog on a broomstick flew past and.. This is the perfect family game that will stimulate the imaginations of children and adults alike.. Let''s Make Some Great Placemat Art.. 110,00.. 9781856699211.. Based on the best selling Let''s Make Some Great Art, Marion Deuchars has devised some fun and educational art activities to keep kids, young and old, occupied at mealtimes.. Featuring 36 generously sized mats printed on art activity paper, and nine different designs, including three all-new illustrations.. Make up your own pasta shapes.. Picture your favourite meal.. Draw Mona Lisa''s smile.. Invent a meal for an alien.. Let''s Make Some Great Placemat Art!.. Match a Pair of Shoes Memory Game.. 129,00.. Metropolitan Museum of Art.. 9781856699075.. An ideal gift for shoe lovers everywhere, this beautifully  ...   op.. Vægkalenderen er et 100% kollektivt projekt, hvor Essensens designere udveksler skitser, m¢nstre og farver samt finder skrifter - og derefter arbejder sig frem til det endelige resultat i fællesskab.. Bagerst i kalenderen er der yderligere seks postkort med udvalgte m¢nstre fra kalenderen, som kan rives ud og indrammes eller sendes.. ''Momabox'' no.. 8, 1 stk.. 40,00.. Nomess.. 5710075135419.. ''Moma'' akryl boxe er en serie opbevaringsæsker udført i lækker farverig akryl.. 8 fås i farverne tomatr¢d, pink og vandmelon.. Graffiti Coloring Book 2: Characters.. 75,00.. Jacob Kimvall.. Dokument Press.. 9789185639281.. Characters are the most popular and easily accessible side of graffiti.. They are the figures that stand beside the writer''s name and attract attention to it.. They are brought to the fore in Graffiti Coloring Book 2: Characters.. The book features themes by the world''s foremost graffiti writers.. Well-built b-boys and b-girls with spray cans, boom boxes and attitude, comic figures with cartoon features and realistic portraits.. All are waiting to be rendered in glorious color.. In graffiti culture, the black-and-white drawing serves both as a model for a graffiti piece and as a work of art in its own right.. Similarly, this book is both a toy and an art history document.. With characters from world famour graffiti writers like: T-Kid TNB (New York), Tack FBA (New York), Part One TDS (New York), Wane COD (New York), Ezo TDS (New York), Zimad TD4 (New York), Too Fly (New York), Nic 707 OTB (New York), Revolt RTW (New York).. Stargazer: Weekly Calendar 2013.. 140,00.. Gestalten.. 9783899554250.. The Stargazer Calendar features an impressive selection of graphic design that synthesizes the most attractive styles of the past with the most innovative design trends of today.. The 53 visuals by designers from around the world show the wide-ranging possibilities of this new aesthetic.. As contemporary as it is timeless, the work featured in this calendar, whether placed on a desk or hung on a wall, provides a new creative inspiration for every week of the year.. Crackpot: Weekly Calendar 2013.. 9783899554243.. The Crackpot Calendar for 2013 features a fresh selection of attention-grabbing characters and illustrations from around the world.. Each new calendar page provides a new companion--one per week for a total of 53 diverse contemporary images.. Whether hung on the wall of a child''s room or propped on an office desk, the Crackpot Calendar is sure to provide fun and inspiration throughout the year.. Netværksby - litografi af Cebra Arkitekter.. 250,00.. Cebra Arkitekter.. NETVÆRKSBY.. Agriby - litografi af Cebra Arkitekter.. AGRIBY.. Blåby - litografi af Cebra Arkitekter.. BLÅBY.. Moleskine: Weekly Diary/Planner 2013, soft cover, X-large size.. 175,00.. Moleskine.. 9788866130963.. Forfatter: R Pfleg.. Forlag: Black Dog Publishing.. ISBN: 9781906155704.. 50,00.. Forfatter: R Pow.. Forlag: Images Publishing.. ISBN: 9781920744205.. 322,50..

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  • Title: Andre lande
    Descriptive info: 117 produkter fundet.. Side 1 af 8.. Latin American Modern Architectures: Ambiguous Territories.. 435,00.. Patricio del Real, Helen Gyger.. Routledge.. 9780415893466.. This book has thirteen new essays from a range of distinguished architectural historians to help you understand the region''s rich and varied architecture.. It will also introduce you to major projects that have not been written about in English.. A foreword by historian Kenneth Frampton sets the stage for essays on well-known architects, such as Lucio Costa and Félix Candela, which will show you unfamiliar aspects of their work, and for essays on the work of little-known figures, such as Uruguayan architect Carlos Gómez Gavazzo and Peruvian architect and politician Fernando Belaúnde Terry.. Covering urban and territorial histories from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, along with detailed building analyses, this book is your best source for historical and critical essays on a sampling of Latin America''s diverse architecture, providing much-needed information on key case studies.. Living in Tuscany.. 100,00.. Barbara & René Stoeltie, Angelika Taschen.. Taschen.. 9783836534949.. Under the burning Tuscan sun roll marvelous hills, vineyards, olive groves - all postcard-perfect landscapes nestling medieval towns, rural villas, and contadino farmhouses, endless niches of dreamy dwellings exuding all the charm for which the region is revered.. We''ve tracked down the best examples of such havens - from the typical to the surprising - to paint a warm-hued picture of the look and feel of Tuscan living.. Inspiration abounds from these pages of achingly beautiful homes; who knows -maybe you can bring the magic of Tuscany to your corner of the world.. Living in Provence.. 9783836534963.. Nestled in the south of France, bordering the Mediterranean sea, is a magical region of the world renowned for its lavender fields, fine cuisine, golden sun, and dreamy landscapes.. This land, known as Provence, has inspired such writers and artists as Alphonse Daudet, Frédéric Mistral, and Vincent Van Gogh.. Paul Cezanne loved the region''s Mount Sainte Victoire so much that he immortalized it in his famous paintings; his Provence studio, which still looks the same as it did over one hundred years ago, is featured herein, as is the house where Mistral, 1904 Nobel prize-winner, lived and wrote.. Also included are photographs of the famous Hotel Nord-Pinus in Arles where Jean Cocteau sojourned and Picasso stayed when he came to see the bullfights.. Bringing together the region''s most remarkable interiors, classical and contemporary, this book paints a gorgeous picture of Provençal living.. Resorts by Thai Architects.. 409,00.. Nithi Sthapitanonda, Wison Tungthunya.. Page One Publishing.. 9789812459183.. Hospitality design in Thailand has produced one of the most vigorous architectural scenes in South-East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.. ''Resorts by Thai Architects'' not only presents selected works by architects but also focuses on works that are widely accepted by other people such as tourists, designers and those in the hotel business from around the world.. They are well recognised and the designs of these projects have been through the critical concept and integrated design stages.. Some have even involved research-based design and professional marketing strategies.. Thus, the 8 resort projects selected for this book are a confirmation of design and managemant skills, and partly a record of the development of modern Thai architecture over the last century.. Metabolism Trip.. 495,00.. Charlie Koolhaas.. Heibonsha.. 9784582277906.. ''Metabolism Trip'' is a collection of photographs and short stories of Charlie KoolhaasÆ journey along many of the remaining buildings of the Metabolist Movement.. In the late 1950s a small group of young Japanese architects and designers joined forces under the title of "Metabolism".. Their visions for cities of the future inhabited by a mass society were characterized by large scale structures.. Charlie Koolhaas, a Dutch photographer and editor of UNIT magazine, traveled across Japan in 2009 to photograph how these architectural icons have survived and aged.. What do their founding fathers and their inhabitants think of these buildings now? What Koolhaas found were triumphant and at times eerie constructions that had taken on a life of their own.. The Art of Brazilian Architecture.. 569,00.. Joaquim Nabuco.. Schiffer.. 9780764340666.. Photographer Joaquim Nabuco has found art in the architecture, interiors, and landscapes  ...   and ecological significance of the polar regions.. These zones are causing current geopolitical and territorial conflicts, while at the same time posing opportunities for transnational and intercultural cooperation.. Arctic Perspective uses media art and the research of artists to investigate the complicated, global, cultural, and ecological interrelations in the Arctic, and to develop concepts for constructing tactical communications systems and a mobile, eco-friendly research station, which will support interdisciplinary and intercultural collaborations.. Scheduled to run over a period of years, this project will involve workshops, field work in the Arctic, publications, exhibitions, and a conference.. Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2011-12.. Bantal, Berg, van der Hoeven, Luijten.. Nai Publishers.. 9789056628499.. For a quarter century now Architecture in the Netherlands has been an indispensable retrospective publication for anyone interested or professionally involved in Dutch architecture.. The editors point out and describe the most significant developments and trends that influence the production and design of architecture in the Netherlands.. Naturally this edition also includes an overview of the most important prizes, competitions, exhibitions and publications of the past year.. This 25th edition also looks back, with a selection of milestone designs.. These iconic structures were selected by the editors involved with the yearbook over the last 25 years.. Using various essays, the book provides insight into the architecture production and the debate carried out in the Netherlands over the past quarter century.. 40/40 Young Architects from Finland.. 375,00.. Roger Connah.. Rakennustieto Publishing.. 9789516826465.. 40/40 is a contemporary mapping of new architecture of young Finnish architects.. Urbanisation in China (DVD).. 135,00.. David Lingerak.. Architecture & Natura.. 9789461400154.. In China urbanisation is at full pace.. New cities and suburbs emerge faster than ever before.. The inhabitants, often coming from small villages or demolished areas in the city centres, are relocated by the government and find a social context in the new suburbs.. ''Urbanisation in China'' provides a background and context for the Chinese urbanisation.. Filmed in and around Shanghai it specifically lets the inhabitants themselves speak.. Five North American Architects - An Anthology by Kenneth Frampton.. 395,00.. Kenneth Frampton.. Lars Müller Publishers.. 9783037782569.. Five North American Architects brings together five architectural practices that, while all distinct, share a particular sensibility for the impact of craftsmanship and climate on the generation of form, as well as a concern for the expressive tactility of material and the effect of light on the articulation of structure.. Designed with a passion for detail, the book offers an indepth survey of recent work by Steven Holl (New York), Rick Joy (Tucson), John and Patricia Patkau (Vancouver), Stanley Saitowitz (San Francisco), and Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe (Toronto).. The regional specificity of the work is considered against a larger North American context, allowing one to assess the practice of its architecture today.. Rising in the East - Contemporary New Towns in Asia.. Rachel Keeton.. Sun.. 9789461056832.. In the West, the design of new towns has always been based on an ideal model in accordance with the ideas of that moment.. In the case of the latest generation of new towns in Asia, however, only quantitative and marketing principles seem to play a role: the number of square metres, dwellings or people, or the greenest, most beautiful or most technologically advanced town.. ''Rising in the East'' shows which design principles these premises are based on.. How The City Moved to Mr.. Sun - China''s New Megacities.. M.. Hulshof, D.. Roggeveen.. 9789085068785.. Urbanisation is the driver behind China''s economic, political and social advances, with the Chinese media reporting that 183 Chinese cities now aim to develop and present themselves as modern international metropolises.. Via interviews, reports and photographs, the authors examine the characteristics and potential of these cities.. The book examines what constitutes a contemporary world city, where skyscrapers and big populations must blend with an international reputation, a lively cultural life, and ethnic diversity.. The authors investigate the extent to which these criteria are already being achieved in China, and how they impact on the country''s vision of its urban future.. Forfatter: J Stamm.. Forlag: Editorial El Far.. ISBN: 9788493467203.. Forfatter: I Parici.. Forlag: Fira Barcelona.. ISBN: 9788493311483..

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  • Title: Arkitekturfilosofi
    Descriptive info: 186 produkter fundet.. Side 1 af 13.. How Architects Write.. 279,00.. Tom Spector, Rebecca Damron.. 9780415891073.. This is the first writing reference book for designers.. Whether you''re an architect, landscape architect, interior designers, or an industrial designer How Architects Write shows you the interdependence of writing and design.. Authors Tom Spector and Rebecca Damron present typical writing assignments and explain principles of effective writing by including examples of good form and illustrating common pitfalls.. The book includes resources for how to write a designer''s manifesto, statements of design intent, criticism, proposals, review statements, research reports, specifications, field reports, client communications, post-occupancy evaluations, and e-mailed meeting agendas so that you can navigate your career from school to the profession.. Actions of Architecture - Architects and Creative Users.. 539,00.. Jonathan Hill.. Routhledge.. 9780415290432.. Drawing on the work of a wide range of architects, artists and writers, this book considers the relations between the architect and the user, which it compares to the relations between the artist and viewer and the author and reader.. The book''s thesis is informed by the text ''The Death of the Author'', in which Roland Barthes argues for a writer aware of the creativity of the reader.. Actions of Architecture begins with a critique of strategies that define the user as passive and predictable, such as contemplation and functionalism.. Subsequently it considers how an awareness of user creativity informs architecture, architects and concepts of authorship in architectural design.. Identifying strategies that recognize user creativity, such as appropriation, collaboration, disjunction, DIY, montage, polyvalence and uselessness, Actions of Architecture states that the creative user should be the central concern of architectural design.. Immaterial Architecture.. 419,00.. 9780415363242.. This fascinating argument from Jonathan Hill presents the case for the significance and importance of the immaterial in architecture.. Architecture is generally perceived as the solid, physical matter that it unarguably creates, but what of the spaces it creates? This issue drives Hill''s explorative look at the immaterial aspects of architecture.. The book discusses the pressures on architecture and the architectural profession to be respectively solid matter and solid practice and considers concepts that align architecture with the immaterial, such as the superiority of ideas over matter, command of drawing and design of spaces and surfaces.. Focusing on immaterial architecture as the perceived absence of matter, Hill devises new means to explore the creativity of both the user and the architect, advocating an architecture that fuses the immaterial and the material and considers its consequences, challenging preconceptions about architecture, its practice, purpose, matter and use.. Experiments - Architecture between Sciences and the Arts.. 299,00.. Albert Kirchengast, Ákos Moravánszky.. 9783868590401.. What influence do scientific methods have on architecture and art? Does genuine artistic or architectural experimentation exist, and how does it differ by comparison to the natural sciences? For many reasons, in the architectural world debate on questions of scientific methodology and research is increasing.. Often, the significance of the experiment is reduced to structural-technical aspects or discussed in the context of digital design and fabrication.. Only utopian architectural projects from the 1960s or formal extravagances are recognised as ''experimental architecture.. '' Beginning with the concept of the ''experiment,'' these essays on art and architectural theory adopt different perspectives from which to examine a relatively new type of experience - the experimental experience as technical activity, theoretical reflection, or calculation.. Examples of current architectural practice and art production, as well as case studies supplement the essays in this volume.. Two Spheres - Physical and Strategic Design in Architecture.. 365,00.. Leonard Bachman.. 9780415782470.. Explaining the connection between physical and strategic design, this book proposes an aesthetic connection between two equal aspects of architectural design: the Real and the Ideal.. Addressing architectural thinkers from the broad realms of academia and practice, it is suitable either as a seminar text, a guide to contemporary design issues, or as a theoretical work.. Beginning with a historical perspective, the book looks at some of the key conflicts in architectural thought that were brought about by postindustrial change.. The discussion shifts to clearly describe the forms of complexity, how these have interacted with architecture and the possibilities in fully embracing complexity in architectural practice.. Although there are many books focusing on complexity science, there are few that focus on the relationship between complexity and design and none which take such a comprehensive approach.. Dwelling with Architecture.. Roderick Kemsley, Christopher Platt.. 9780415569040.. The dwelling is the most fundamental building type, nowhere more so than in the open landscape.. This book can be read in a number  ...   read Cityscapes blog, Kamin treats his subjects not only as works of art but also as symbols of the cultural and political forces that inspire them.. "Terror and Wonder" gathers the best of Kamin''s writings from the past decade along with new reflections on an era framed by the destruction of the World Trade Center and the opening of the world''s tallest skyscraper.. A prominent cast of players - including Santiago Calatrava, Frank Gehry, Helmut Jahn, Daniel Libeskind, Barack Obama, Renzo Piano, and Donald Trump - fills the pages of this eye-opening look at the astounding and extraordinary ways that architecture mirrors our values - and shapes our everyday lives.. The Autopoiesis of Architecture, vol.. 2: A New Agenda for Architecture.. Patrik Schumacher.. John Wiley & Sons.. 9780470666166.. This is the second part of a major theoretical work by Patrik Schumacher, which outlines how the discipline of architecture should be understood as its own distinct system of communication.. Autopoeisis comes from the Greek and means literally selfûproduction; it was first adopted in biology in the 1970s to describe the essential characteristics of life as a circular selfûorganizing system and has since been transposed into a theory of social systems.. This new approach offers architecture an arsenal of general comparative concepts.. It allows architecture to be understood as a distinct discipline, which can be analyzed in elaborate detail while at the same time offering insightful comparisons with other subject areas, such as art, science and political discourse.. Non West Modernist Past: On Architecture & Modernities.. 759,00.. William S.. W.. Lim, Jiat-Hwee Chang.. World Scientific Publishing.. 9789814365949.. This book provides a comprehensive historical and theoretical overview of modern architecture in regions outside the "West" -- Europe and North America.. It brings together contributions from leading scholars in the interdisciplinary fields of architecture history, architecture theory, area studies, sociology and cultural studies.. It interrogates Eurocentric views of modern architecture as autonomous and homogeneous and posits a heteronomous and heterogeneous understanding of modern architecture.. Drawing from interdisciplinary theories, this book explores the complex relations between modernism, modernity and modernization and their entanglements with colonialism and postcolonialism, nationalism and development, globalization and regionalism.. Writing about Architecture - Mastering the Language of Buildings and Cities.. 179,00.. Alexandra Lange.. Princeton Architectural Press.. 9781616890537.. Extraordinary architecture addresses so much more than mere practical considerations.. It inspires and provokes while creating a seamless experience of the physical world for its users.. It is the rare writer that can frame the discussion of a building in a way that allows the reader to see it with new eyes.. Writing About Architecture is a handbook on writing effectively and critically about buildings and cities.. Each chapter opens with a reprint of a significant essay written by a renowned architecture critic, followed by a close reading and discussion of the writer''s strategies.. Lange offers her own analysis using contemporary examples as well as a checklist of questions at the end of each chapter to help guide the writer.. Human Space.. Otto Friedrich Bollnow.. Hyphen Press.. 9780907259350.. Following its publication in Germany in 1963, Otto Friedrich Bollnow''s Human Space quickly became essential reading within a cross-disciplinary field of subject areas including architecture, anthropology, and philosophy.. In this first English translation, Bollnow conceives the human experience of space not merely as a philosophical problem but also as an extension of his research into psychology, human behavior, and the conventional domains of architecture: living in a building, in an apartment, in a house.. Human Space is a remarkable investigation of space as we experience it, by a man many consider to be the father of spatial and architectural anthropology.. Design as Politics.. Tony Fry.. Berg Publishers.. 9781847885678.. Design as Politics confronts the inadequacy of contemporary politics to deal with unsustainability.. Current "solutions" to unsustainability are analysed as utterly insufficient for dealing with the problems but, further than this, the book questions the very ability of democracy to deliver a sustainable future.. Design as Politics argues that finding solutions to this problem, of which climate change is only one part, demands original and radical thinking.. Rather than reverting to failed political ideologies, the book proposes a post-democratic politics.. In this, design occupies a major role, not as it is but as it could be if transformed into a powerful agent of change, a force to create and extend freedom.. The book does no less than position design as a vital form of political action.. Forfatter: D Gray.. Forlag: APROPress.. ISBN: 9788493482824.. 148,50.. Forfatter: J Nava.. Forlag: Editorial Pencil.. ISBN: 9788493598037.. 425,00..

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  • Title: Arkitektur generelt
    Descriptive info: 187 produkter fundet.. Common Ground: A Critical Reader.. 235,00.. David Chipperfield.. Marsilio.. 9788831714358.. Essayes contributed in response to the theme of the 13th Venice Biennale "Common Ground".. Common Ground: 13th International Architecture Exhibition.. La Biennale di Venezia.. 525,00.. 9788831713665.. 13th International Architecture Exhibition: the art of organizing the space we share.. The ambition of Common Ground is to reassert the existence of an architectural culture made up not only of singular talents but also of a rich continuity of diverse ideas united in a common history, in common aspirations, in common predicaments and ideals.. If architecture is to be more than only the exceptional and privileged moment of our built world, a deeper engagement must then be found between talents and resources.. Common Ground invites us to consider how these shared concerns and expectations may be better directed.. Architecture Dialogues: Positions - Concepts - Visions.. 625,00.. Marc M.. Angelil, Jørg Himmelreich.. Niggli.. 9783721208023.. For decades, Swiss architecture has enjoyed international acclaim.. Yet how are Helvetic architects positioning themselves in Switzerland''s drastically changing working environment? What impact are they having at present? In Architecture Dialogues, eight interviewers talk with thirty leading Swiss architects about guiding themes, directions and perspectives in their theoretical explorations and building projects.. Over the course of conversation, these architects present not only their positions on the constructive, conceptual and aesthetic dimensions of architecture, but also their projections for the future of this discipline against the backdrop of the emerging 21st century and its challenges.. The viewpoints compiled in the following primer offer insight into the possibilities and limitations encountered by architects in their complex roles and responsibilities.. It serves both as a snapshot as well as an important contribution to the international discourse on architecture.. Den lille anonyme - eller hvordan man undgår at blive en kendt arkitekt.. 79,00.. Eric Petterson.. 9788790979317.. Vejledning for kommende arkitekter i hvordan man undgår at blive en ber¢mt arkitekt skrevet med humor og ironi af Eric Petterson, REG.. A.. (REGistreret Men Anonym Arkitekt).. Megachange: The world in 2050.. The Economist.. 9781846685859.. In 2050 there will be 9.. 3 billion people alive - compared with 7 billion today - and the number will still be rising.. The population aged over sixty-five will have more than doubled, to more than 16 per cent; China''s GDP will be 80 per cent more than America''s; and the number of cars on India''s roads will have increased by 3,880 per cent.. And, in 2050 it should be clear whether we are alone in the universe.. What other megachanges can we expect - and what will their impact be? This comprehensive and compelling book will cover the most significant trends that are shaping the coming decades, with each of its twenty chapters elegantly and authoritatively outlined by Economist contributors, and rich in supporting facts and figures.. It will chart the rise and fall of fertility rates across continents; how energy resources will change in light of new technology, and how different nations will deal with major developments in science and warfare.. Shifts: Architecture after the 20th century.. 169,00.. Hans Ibelings and Powerhouse Company.. The Architecture Observer.. 9789081920704.. Architecture critic Hans Ibelings, together with the architects of Powerhouse Company (Charles Bessard and Nanne de Ru), explores the far-reaching consequences for architecture caused by the global economic downturn in 2008, searching for its deeper roots before the crisis, and anticipating its reverberations in Europe and elsewhere well into the future.. Written from a particularly Western perspective, the book nevertheless explores these effects from a fresh perspective, and from various national and global levels, emphasizing the fact that they should not be viewed as being the same everywhere, despite generalizations presented in the media and in the fields of architecture and construction.. The Unbeatable - Contemporary Masterpieces.. 745,00.. REVEALbooks.. 9780980612356.. The 480-page book is a testimonial to the architectural, cultural and economic legacy of the Shanghai World Expo.. Its content features 84  ...   for the damaged reactor.. Design Basics - Studio Companion Series (Book 1).. 379,00.. Donna Lynne Fullmer.. Fairchild Books.. 9781609010928.. Design Basics familiarizes students with the fundamental elements and principles of design, offering them a vocabulary with which to understand and discuss interiors and architecture.. Using well-articulated definitions and clear, highly-visual examples, this full-color book will expand students'' appreciation of design and help them get started creating their own spaces.. The Fundamentals of Architecture (2nd edition).. 315,00.. Lorraine Farrelly.. Ava Publishing.. 9782940411757.. Architecture is one of the most accessible and involving forms of art; a building or space is a physical presence that defines everyday experiences, affects mood, and becomes part of collective memory and cultural identity.. An essential introduction, The Fundamentals of Architecture gives a comprehensive and engaging overview of architecture in its entirety, from creation to construction.. Designing To Avoid Disaster - The Nature of Fracture-Critical Design.. 275,00.. Thomas Fisher.. 9780415527361.. Recent catastrophic events all stem from what author Thomas Fisher calls fracture-critical design.. This is design in which structures and systems have so little redundancy and so much interconnectedness and misguided efficiency that they fail completely if any one part does not perform as intended.. If we, as architects, planners, engineers, and citizens are to predict and prepare for the next disaster, we need to recognize this error in our thinking and to understand how design thinking provides us with a way to anticipate unintended failures and increase the resiliency of the world in which we live.. In Designing to Avoid Disaster, the author discusses the context and cultural assumptions that have led to a number of disasters worldwide, describing the nature of fracture-critical design and why it has become so prevalent.. Architecture & Design versus Consumerism - How Design Activism Confronts Growth.. 239,00.. Ann Thorpe.. 9781849713566.. The mentality that consumerism and economic growth are cure-alls is one of the biggest obstacles to real sustainability, but any change seems impossible, unthinkable.. Our contemporary paradox finds us relying for our well being on consumer-driven economic growth that we actually can''t afford - not in environmental, economic or social terms.. Although architecture and design have long been seen as engines for consumerism and growth, increasing numbers of designers are concerned about the problems resulting from growth.. But designers face a paradox of their own; in scenarios of sustainable consumption, where people consume or build significantly less, what will be left for designers to do? This book, informed by recent research into the viability of a "steady state" economy, sets an agenda for addressing the designer''s paradox of sustainable consumption.. Positions 5 - Interviews - Tony Fretton, Sulan Kolatan, Andreas Bründler, CJ Lim, André Schmidt.. Universität Liechtenstein / Peter Staub.. 9783721207934.. This book of interviews is a compilation of different attitudes and approaches to architecture.. In personal conversations conducted with guest lecturers at the University of Liechtenstein since 2009, Sulan Kolatan (KolMac Ltd, New York), Tony Fretton (London), Andreas Bründler (Buchner Bründler Architekten, Basel), CJ Lim (Studio 8, London) and André Schmidt (ex OMA, Beijing) speak about their architectural work.. The conversations focus on the themes of the respective lecture series.. While Tony Fretton and Sulan Kolatan discuss the role of craftsmanship in their architecture, the dialogues with CJ Lim, Andreas Bründler and André Schmidt offer insights into the challenges that European architectural offices are confronted with when building in Asia.. Closed Architecture - A Project by Jonas Staal Based on Concept by Fleur Agema.. 145,00.. Onomatopee.. 9789078454755.. Closed Architecture is an introduction by critical artist Jonas Staal to the 2004 graduation project of far-right Freedom Party MP Fleur Agema.. The project comprises a sketch for a new prison model.. In Staal''s project her sketches are expanded into a fully developed model, which visualizes her thoughts in detail, and offer new insights into the likely consequences of her ideas and concepts.. Forfatter: I Ehlers.. Forlag: Jovis.. ISBN: 9783936314595.. 70,00.. Forfatter: E Mittma.. ISBN: 9783936314878..

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  • Title: Arkitektur- og kunsthistorie
    Descriptive info: 86 produkter fundet.. Side 1 af 6.. How to Read Churches: A Crash Course in Ecclesiastical Architecture.. Denis R.. McNamara.. Rizzoli.. 9780847835980.. Every building contains clues embedded in its design that identify not only its architectural style but also who designed it, what kind of congregation it was built for, and why.. This practical yet charming handbook is the key to decoding the style, history, evolution, and social significance of religious buildings.. Not strictly limited to churches, it also covers abbeys, chapels, and monasteries, among other structures.. Organized according to architectural element (windows, domes, arches, etc.. ), each element is presented in chronological order.. Additional chapters explore the architectural influence of geography, history, and various creeds, along with an illustrated timeline showing how, where, and in many cases why certain church features evolved through the centuries.. There is also a useful introduction to naming each component of a church, from vaults to buttresses and transepts to apses.. All entries are illustrated with period engravings and line drawings.. How to Read Buildings: A Crash Course in Architectural Styles.. Carol Davidson Cragoe.. 9780847831128.. This practical primer is a handbook for decoding a building''s style, history, and evolution.. Every building contains clues embedded in its design that identify not only its architectural style but also the story of who designed it, who it was built for, and why.. Organized by architectural element (roofs, doors, windows, columns, domes, towers, arches, etc.. ), the book is roughly chronological within each section, examining the elements across history, through different architectural styles, and by geographical distribution.. Additional chapters offer overviews of how architecture has been affected by geography, history, and religion, along with an illustrated timeline of architectural elements.. Also included is a chapter on applied ornament and a handy introduction to naming each part of a building.. All entries are accompanied by examples in the forms of period engravings, line drawings, and pictures.. Mathematical Excursions to the World''s Great Buildings.. 475,00.. Alexander J.. Hahn.. Princeton University Press.. 9780691145204.. From the pyramids and the Parthenon to the Sydney Opera House and the Bilbao Guggenheim, this book takes readers on an eye-opening tour of the mathematics behind some of the world''s most spectacular buildings.. Beautifully illustrated, the book explores the milestones in elementary mathematics that enliven the understanding of these buildings and combines this with an in-depth look at their aesthetics, history, and structure.. Whether using trigonometry and vectors to explain why Gothic arches are structurally superior to Roman arches, or showing how simple ruler and compass constructions can produce sophisticated architectural details, Alexander Hahn describes the points at which elementary mathematics and architecture intersect.. Four Historical Definitions of Architecture.. 519,00.. Stephen Parcell.. McGill-Queen''s University Press.. 9780773539563.. Where does architecture belong in the larger scheme of things? Is it a liberal art? Is it related to painting, music, medicine, or horse training? Is it timeless, or does it have a beginning? To pursue such questions, Stephen Parcell investigates four historical definitions of Western architecture: as a techné in ancient Greece, a mechanical art in medieval Europe, an art of disegno in Renaissance Italy, and a fine art in eighteenth-century Europe.. These definitions situated architecture within larger classifications of knowledge, establishing alliances between architecture and other disciplines.. They also influenced elements of architectural practice that we now associate with three characters (designer, builder, and dweller) and three things (material, drawing, and building).. Guided by current architectural questions, Parcell examines writings in these historical periods and focuses on practical implications of texts by Hugh of St Victor, Leon Battista Alberti, and Etienne-Louis Boullée.. Da verden var ung - modernisme og industriel arkitektur i Frankrig.. Georg K.. S.. Rotne.. Kunstakademiets Arkitektskoles Forlag.. 9788770980081.. ''Da verden var ung'' handler om en periode i starten af det 20.. århundrede hvor der eksisterede en dr¢m om at kunst og videnskab kunne forenes i moderne arkitektur, som kunne f¢re til en bedre verden.. På baggrund af en revolution i kunsten og industriens store, tekniske landvindinger skulle arkitektur være midlet til at skabe en verden styret af fornuft og retfærd.. Arkitektur var ikke alene æstetik, men også etik.. I den f¢rste del af århundredet var Frankrig foregangsland inden for kunst og industri.. De fire centrale personer i bogen - Pierre Chareau, Fernand Léger, Le Corbusier og Jean Prouvé - repræsenterer tiden ved deres værkers kunstneriske kvalitet inden for arkitektur, billedkunst og konstruktion..  ...   opening in October 2011 at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York, this book explores the origins of the studio craft movement, the international influences that helped it grow in this country and abroad, and its convergence with the fine arts and design.. This examination of the movement in the postwar years reveals how a new generation of craftspeople began to express cultural identity and artistic innovation through their work, which led to a proliferation of the craft movement in museums and exhibitions worldwide.. A few of the many artists represented include Dale Chihuly, Charles and Ray Eames, Wharton Esherick, George Nakashima, and Peter Voulkos.. Alcatraz - History and Design of a Landmark.. 125,00.. Donald MacDonald, Ira Nadel.. Chronicle Books.. 9781452101538.. Shrouded in mystery and rich with history, Alcatraz draws over a million visitors each year.. This enlightening volume provides the first complete history of Alcatraz told through its architecture.. In friendly illustrations and accessible text, authors Donald MacDonald and Ira Nadel reveal the design decisions that have shaped the island from its first brick and masonry fortress to the infamous concrete cellblock, to the landscape design of its contemporary gardens and bird sanctuaries.. Packed with intriguing facts throughout, this little treasure allows an unprecedented glimpse into the life of the island.. The Story of Modern Architecture.. Paolo Favole.. Prestel Publishing.. 9783791346410.. Focusing on modern architecture, this book gives readers the tools they need to grasp the architectural language and building forms of this diverse period.. Part of an accessibly written and generiously illustrated series on architecture through the ages, this book features modern architecture''s most important architects and buildings, interior and exterior photographs, detailed images, drawings and plans.. The Future of Architecture.. Since 1889.. 505,00.. Jean-Louis Cohen.. Phaidon.. 9780714845982.. Truly far-ranging - both conceptually and geographically - The Future of Architecture Since 1889 is a rich, compelling history that will shape future thinking about this period for years to come.. Jean-Louis Cohen, one of todayÆs most distinguished architectural historians and critics, gives an authoritative and compelling account of the twentieth century, tracing an arc from industrialization through computerization, and linking architecture to developments in art, technology, urbanism and critical theory.. Encompassing both well-known masters and previously neglected but significant architects, this book also reflects Cohen''s deep knowledge architecture across the globe, and in places such Eastern Europe and colonial Africa and South America that have rarely been included in histories of this period.. A History of Energy - Northern Europe from the Stone Age to the Present Day.. Bent Sørensen.. 9781849713856.. In this seminal book, Bent S¢rensen views human society as driven by the quest for, and control of, energy.. From allowing our prehistoric ancestors to survive harsh northern European winters to more recent global energy security and climate concerns, the control and effective harnessing of energy sources has played a central role in human development.. Using the written and archaeological record and, from earlier times, inferring the energy needs of humans through modeling of climatological conditions and other indirect parameters, S¢rensen unwraps this previously little-explored field.. Based on detailed studies of northern Europe - and in particular the case of Denmark - the focus moves from the stone age, through the development of agriculture and trade, migration and exploration, medieval society and the renaissance, into industrial times and present-day debates around the transition to low-carbon forms of energy supply.. Modern Art: A Critical Introduction.. 280,00.. Pam Meecham, Julie Sheldon.. 9780415281942.. Modern Art: A Critical Introduction traces the historical and contemporary contexts for understanding modern art movements, and the theories that influenced and attempted to explain them.. Its radical approach foregoes the chronological approach to art movements in favour of looking at the ways in which art has been understood.. The editors investigate the main developments in art interpretation and draw examples from a wide range of genres including painting, sculpture, photography, installation and performance art.. This new edition has been restructured to focus on key themes.. It has also been fully updated to include many more examples of recent art practice, as well as an expanded glossary and comprehensive marginal notes providing definitions of key terms.. Extensively illustrated with a wide range of visual examples, Modern Art: A Critical Introduction is the essential textbook for students of Art History.. Forfatter: M Rotond.. Forlag: Rizzoli.. ISBN: 9780847828135.. Forfatter: C Flores.. ISBN: 9780847828043.. 380,00..

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  • Title: Boliger
    Descriptive info: 112 produkter fundet.. Masterpieces: Iconic Houses by Great Contemporary Architects.. 410,00.. Beth Browne.. Images Publishing Group.. 9781864704532.. Masterpieces: Iconic Houses by Great Contemporary Architects presents an up-to-the-minute collection of residential work from much-lauded practitioners, proving that architecture can always be re-imagined.. This invaluable new compendium of spectacular houses designed by architecture''s brightest stars also provides unique insights into their personal design philosophies.. Stunning architectural photography of each house is supplemented with detailed descriptions, plans, sections, and sketches, revealing the mastery behind each design.. Project locations range from the USA to France, from Italy to Dubai, and from Hong Kong to Spain.. DASH: The Eco House - Typologies of Space, Production and Lifestyles.. 329,00.. Delft Architectural Studies on Housing.. NAi Publishers.. 9789056628536.. Construction is responsible for about 20 per cent of total carbon dioxide emissions and 30 per cent of energy demand; this ranks it alongside the chemical and transport industries among the biggest polluters.. Sustainability is therefore one of the most significant issues for designers and architects, as well as a challenging field for innovation and research.. DASH goes in search of the ideal eco house: from solar houses to Superuse, from Cradle-to- Cradle to support-infill systems and precise prefab-technology.. DASH The Eco House examines the history and the future of the sustainable home.. This includes attention to basic principles (passive solar energy, semi-climate and ventilation) and material-use concepts.. Essays by Daniel A.. Barber, Machiel van Dorst, Jacques Vink, and Piet Vollaard provide not only a critical analysis of the current state of affairs, but also an inspirational exploration of possibilities for the future.. The New 100 Houses x 100 Architects.. Robyn Beaver.. Images Publishing.. 9781864704648.. The New 100 Houses x 100 Architects is a celebration of diversity.. Satisfying our natural and abiding curiosity about how other people live, and our endless quest to improve our own homes, this superb volume showcases architectural trends, provides insight into vernacular residential architecture, and is a rich source of ideas for every house designer- professional or armchair.. Many of the houses featured in this book turn conventional notions of appearance and design upside down in their quest for perfection, while many reflect the emerging trend toward sustainable design while proving that energy efficiency and style are not mutually exclusive concepts.. The 100 houses in this book (designed by 100 different architects) range from deceptively simple to over-the-top gorgeous.. Making A Case.. J.. D.. Solomon, G.. Bodziak, E.. Abruzzo.. 9780615349091.. Making a Case focuses on contemporary housing in the United States and the future of the American home.. Like the Case Study program post World War II, it seizes on a critical moment in the history of America as a time to reinvent the single family dwelling unit.. It is post-crisis rather than post-war.. The crisis in this case is the collapse of the housing bubble, with its partnering causes and aftershocks: the reality of less oil, the urge to re-urbanize and the results of economic reorganization.. Organized in two sections, design cases and commentary, Making a Case draws together international contributors from a variety of disciplines to address this critical moment for housing in America.. Passive Houses: Energy Efficient Homes.. 339,00.. Chris van Uffelen.. Braun Publishing.. 9783037681060.. The new Generation of Ecological Architecture Building owners today are increasingly confronted with the question of energy efficiency.. Aside from mandatory national requirements and optional certificates, a general consensus of passive house has emerged.. Within a few years this building standard has become widely spread.. Depending on the climatic zone, passive houses require very different technologies, interventions and steps to be taken by the architects.. These have meanwhile evolved from the formerly very uniform look of the passive house and are now found in buildings with very different appearances.. This volume portrays approximately 60 singe family passive house homes and shows a multitude of great and at the same time sustainable architecture, including Seaside in House in Grosseto, Italy (Modostudio) House in Bessancourt, and France (Karawitz Architecture) House.. DASH 06: Living in a New Past.. Various.. 9789056628246.. Reverting to the architectural past is hardly a new phenomenon.. Old forms have served as inspiration at many junctures in the history of architecture: as a protest against dominant views, as a means to bring about renewal or purely because of nostalgia for times past.. Rarely has this reversion remained undisputed.. In particular, attempts to bring back old forms in modern-day materials have often roused the derision of the profession, whether these involved the early nineteenth-century Gothic Revival, or the work of the twentieth-century Delft School or "new traditionalism".. DASH (Delft Architectural Studies on Housing Design) wants to make an international contribution to residential design from a Dutch perspective..  ...   Roth.. 9783037680896.. The villa stands for sumptuous home decor and upscale lifestyle.. However it is more than a large urban mansion with a piece of land: The villa offers its residents an ''urban country seat'', combining the best of city and country life: impressive architecture and high quality materials, surrounded by green, yet in the midst of all the city has to offer.. It esteems quiet and seclusion, without relinquishing its tie to the city.. For architects involved in the planning or conversion of a mansion, reinterpreting a classical building in a contemporary context is an exciting challenge.. With the aid of texts, pictures and plans this volume of the Masterpieces Series presents the works of famous architects as well as interesting works of younger newcomers.. Apartment Buildings Today.. 518,00.. Carles Broto.. Links Books.. 9788492796847.. Alvaro Siza, Neutelings & Riedijk, Bevk Perovi, Delugan Meissl and Eduardo Souto de Moura are among the distinguished archiects whose work is featured in this dynamic collection.. Centring on residential architecture it considers the finest achievements of the worlds most prestigious architects in recent times.. From supremely innovative and avant-garde proposals for new apartment buildings, to those that aim to create residential spaces which adapt to their contents and use we gain valuable understanding of how ideas mutate.. Supported by explanatory commentory and accompanied by full colour photographs and floor plans this volume is sure to delight and inspire all those with an interest, lay or professional, in this field of architecture.. Single-Family Houses - Construction and Design Manual.. 553,00.. Hans Wolfgang Hoffmann, Werner Huthmacher.. DOM Publishers.. 9783869221076.. This volume of the series Construction and Design Manual addresses what is in fact one of the very earliest building typologies: single-family houses.. Ever since antiquity, architects have been devising new ways to accomplish this task.. The result is that, today, people wanting to build their own home have a huge range of styles from which to choose.. Architecture critic Hans Wolfgang Hoffmann gives a broad overview of the 3, 000-year history behind the villa and the country house with the help of floor plans.. Architecture photographer Werner Huthmacher opens up his portfolio and guides us with a practised eye through 20 living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.. Comprehensive information on building materials and their properties together with scale drawings make it easy to move from discussion stage to actual planning.. A practical guide for both clients and architects.. Save the Danchi: Mass Estates, a Project of the Future.. 210,00.. Mikan.. 9783868590852.. Large residential developments like the Japanese ''Danchi'' passed through an enormous international boom particularly in the 1950s and 1960s.. They provided modern, affordable, accommodation for rapidly growing populations.. The banlieues in Paris and the Markisches Viertel area in Berlin - prefabricated, large-scale, socialist developments - are remnants of that period.. Mikan, a Japanese-French team of architects criticise this neglect as misled and wasteful.. They propose an inexhaustible range of ideas for how to convert and re-use such buildings and demonstrate how easily they can be adapted to modern needs and ecological standards.. Masterpieces: Country House Architecture + Design.. Michelle Galindo.. Braun.. 9783037680728.. Country houses are becoming more popular as the urban stress rises around the globe ? living in the countryside means giving a piece of peace back and connecting back to nature.. The rural retreats offer a refuge in nature from the hustle and bustle of daily urban life.. The natural settings offer challenges and opportunities at the same time.. Whether high mountains, canyons, or cliffy coasts, this volume showcases 60 of the best of contemporary countryhouses designs worldwide, featuring the work of well-known architects and innovative designers who pay their respect to nature ? through sustainable construction methods and an esthetic style that appreciates and highlights the beauty and uniqueness of each landscape.. 150 Best Eco House Ideas.. Marta Serrats.. Harper Design.. 9780061968792.. Featuring an extensive collection of full-color photographs, 150 Best Eco House Ideas features eco-friendly house designs created by internationally renowned architects and designers who have achieved practical, innovative, and stunning solutions adapted to the specific needs and tastes of their clients.. Included here are the latest innovations in sustainable home design, including solar paneling, wind energy systems, environmentally-friendly heating and cooling solutions, thermal glazing, and trombe walls.. 150 Best Eco House Ideas covering the diversity of current trends in sustainable home design, and is both the perfect resource for designers, interior decorators, and architects, as well an inspirational sourcebook for all homeowners interested in creating warm and inviting homes that cause only a fraction of the environmental impact of those created using conventional building methods.. Forfatter: M Hargit.. Forlag: World Scientific.. ISBN: 9789812835314.. 297,50.. Forfatter: C Liang.. Forlag: Pageone.. ISBN: 9789812453747.. 243,00..

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  • Title: Byplanlægning
    Descriptive info: 213 produkter fundet.. Side 1 af 15.. Rethinking Happiness - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.. 185,00.. Aldo Cibic.. Corraini.. 9788875702656.. The book contains four sample projects for new-style communities.. Four stories told through words, pictures and suggestions about the design potential surrounding everyday living.. The experience of Rethinking Happiness aims to reset the concept of the urban development model and to start again from scratch, redefining needs, habits and dreams in tune with present day requirements.. In other words, it will be looking at an updated model of contemporary life during a workshop open to economists, sociologists, architects, designers, town planners, landscape designers and simple citizens invited to participate in giving an area a new identity.. In the absence of a general overview the single disciplines no longer appear able to provide answers as to ''how'' and ''on what conditions'' our contemporary structure can be transformed.. Rethinking Happiness will be presented at the 12th International Exhibition of Architecture in Venice curated by Kazuyo Sejima.. Planning as If People Matter: Governing for Social Equity.. Marc Brenman, Thomas W.. Sanchez.. Island Press.. 9781610910125.. Communities are changing fast: ethnic minority populations are growing; home ownership is falling; the number of people per household is going up; and salaries are going down.. According to Marc Brenman and Thomas W.. Sanchez, the planning field is largely unprepared for these fundamental shifts.. In Planning as if People Matter the authors provide practical solutions to make communities more livable for residents of all races, ages, and income levels.. The book addresses topics such as stakeholder participation, disaster response, new technologies, and equity metrics.. Unlike many academic treatments, it offers real-world reforms to improve the planning process and promote social justice.. Going Public: Public Architecture, Urbanism and Interventions.. 470,00.. R.. Klanten, S.. Ehmann, S.. Borges, L.. Feireiss.. 9783899554403.. The architecture of the last several decades was shaped by the need for individual representation and demarcation.. Today, a growing countermovement is focusing on the development of public space as a means to get people together in order to exchange ideas or share experiences.. Going Public presents a compelling international selection of extraordinary current architectural projects in public space.. Their objectives are as diverse as the structures themselves and range from providing recreational or cultural opportunities to facilitating social interaction.. Divided Cities: Belfast, Beirut, Jerusalem, Mostar, and Nicosia.. 229,00.. Jon Calame, Esther Charlesworth.. University of Pennsylvania Press.. 9780812221954.. Divided Cities explores the logic of violent urban partition along ethnic lines-when it occurs, who supports it, what it costs, and why seemingly healthy cities succumb to it.. Planning and conservation experts Jon Calame and Esther Charlesworth offer a warning beacon to a growing class of cities torn apart by ethnic rivals.. Field-based investigations in Beirut, Belfast, Jerusalem, Mostar, and Nicosia are coupled with scholarly research to illuminate the history of urban dividing lines, the social impacts of physical partition, and the assorted professional responses to "self-imposed apartheid.. " Through interviews with people on both sides of a divideùresidents, politicians, taxi drivers, built-environment professionals, cultural critics, and journalists-they compare the evolution of each urban partition along with its social impacts.. Green Cities of Europe - Global Lessons on Green Urbanism.. Timothy Beatley.. 9781597269759.. In the US, states and localities are stepping forward to address critical problems like climate change, urban sprawl and polluted water and air.. Making a city fundamentally sustainable is a daunting task, but fortunately, there are dynamic, innovative models outside US borders.. Green Cities of Europe draws on the world''s best examples of sustainability to show how other cities can become greener and more liveable.. Timothy Beatley has brought together leading experts from Paris, Freiburg, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Heidelberg, Venice, Vitoria-Gasteiz and London to illustrate groundbreaking practices in sustainable urban planning and design.. These cities are developing strong urban cores, building pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure and improving public transport.. They are incorporating ecological design and planning concepts, from solar energy to natural drainage and community gardens.. Design with the Other 90%: Cities.. Cynthia E.. Smith.. Smithsonian Institution.. 9780910503839.. Half the world''s population now resides in cities, which are expanding at an unprecedented rate.. Close to one billion people live in crowded, unhealthy, informal settlements - commonly referred to as slums - many of which lack security of land tenure, adequate housing, sanitation, clean water and electricity.. ''Design with the Other 90%: Cities'' looks at some of the myriad challenges created by accelerated urban growth and presents design solutions that address the consequences.. For The People, By The People: A  ...   a special global mode of urbanisation in post-war cities, a ''UN urbanism''? Using the examples of two post-war cities - Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Kabul (Afghanistan) - this book aims to tackle the question of how the institutions and activities of the international community influence newly emerging daily city life.. The Bauhaus Kolleg ''UN Urbanism'' has examined the influence of international aid organisations and produced design concepts for urban development in post-conflict situations that can be applied more generally.. Back to the City - Strategies for Informal Urban Interventions.. 309,00.. Steffen Lehmann.. 9783775723299.. Vacant city lots and buildings are often used as starting points for cultural innovations.. Over the course of the transformation of the postindustrial city, public space has become an exciting laboratory for interdisciplinary cooperation between artists, architects, urban planners, and landscape architects.. Featuring essays by acknowledged experts, Back to the City documents twenty-eight site-specific installations and temporary interventions in Germany and Australia that provide exemplary perspectives for the revitalization of fallow land, thus demonstrating the great potential of the temporary use of urban space.. The projects date from 2002 to 2008 and were curated by architect and urban planner Steffen Lehmann, Professor at the University of Newcastle, Australia, UNESCO Professor of Sustainable Urban Development, and the founding director of s_Lab Space Laboratory for Architectural Research and Design.. Urban Composition - Designing Community through Urban Design.. Mark Childs.. 9781616890520.. Cities and towns are among humanity''s greatest achievements, yet no single individual or organization creates them.. The buildings, streets, and gardens of even a small town embody substantial investments of money, natural resources, and political capital.. Much more than the sum of its parts, a settlement''s vitality comes from its collective composition.. Sometimes the cities and towns that emerge are glorious places, but too frequently they have only fragments of greatness or are soulless and environmentally unhealthy.. Urban Composition shows architects, planners, artists, and engineers of individual projects how they can best fulfill their public trust to help make meaningful urban places.. Each chapter contains a set of design queries followed by a discussion, illustrations, and references for further research.. This accessible primer on urban design provides guidelines for designing buildings or plans for large cities or small towns.. Urban Farms.. Sarah C.. Rich.. Abrams.. 9781419701993.. Urban Farms provides in-depth profiles of 16 innovative farms located in major metropolitan areas across the country, each operated by passionate individuals and communities committed to growing their own fruits and vegetables and raising animals.. Included in these pages are some of the leaders in the movement, from Novella Carpenter''s farm in an empty lot in Oakland to Growing Power''s vast compound in Milwaukee.. In addition to stories about the farms and their owners, sidebars provide basic how-to tips for such activities as composting, canning, beekeeping, and growing vegetables.. A burgeoning movement that is fast catching on, urban farming taps into many touchstones of the zeitgeist, including environmental awareness, the foodie culture, localism, distrust of mass-production farming practices, and the DIY approach to life and living.. The Temporary City.. Peter Bishop, Lesley Williams.. 9780415670562.. Most of the professional training, thinking and strategies of architects, urban designers and planners, are strictly three-dimensional.. In reality of course the city is four dimensional, and one needs to acknowledge the influence of time in planning and design strategies.. Similarly, there has been relatively little analysis of the importance of interim, short-term or ''meanwhile'' activities in urban areas.. In an era of increasing pressure on scarce resources, we cannot wait for long-term solutions to vacancy or dereliction.. Instead, we need to view temporary uses as increasingly legitimate and important in their own right.. They can be a powerful tool through which we can drip-feed initiatives for incremental change - as and when we have the resources - while being guided by a loose-fit vision.. BYEN BLIVER TIL – en urban håndbog.. Steen Andersen, Marie Toft-Jensen.. Forlaget PB43.. 9788799506804.. BYEN BLIVER TIL - en urban håndbog vil inspirere og vise at det ikke beh¢ver at være så svært.. Mulighederne ligger ofte ligefor.. Med udgangspunkt i omdannelsen af en tidligere lakfabrik på Prags Boulevard 43 (PB43) i K¢benhavn giver bogen et unikt indblik i de muligheder og udfordringer som opstår når man gentænker og bruger byen på anderledes og nye måder.. Bogen trækker desuden på erfaringer, refleksioner og visioner fra en lang række projektmagere, iværksættere, kunstnere, kommunale embedsfolk, ejendomsudviklere, konsulenter, forskere, selvbyggere, frivillige fuldtidsaktivister og autodidakte altmuligfolk.. Forfatter: S Sandst.. Forlag: One Club Publishing.. ISBN: 9780929837413.. 215,00.. Forfatter: M Freema.. Forlag: Eightbooks.. ISBN: 9780955432248.. 157,50..

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