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  • Title: Poultry production ventilation
    Descriptive info: .. About DACS.. DACS designs, produces and markets ventilation systems and climate control systems for use in livestock production facilities.. Our ventilation systems are roof mounted units that will fit into any given type of building for live stock production without compromising the functionality of the system.. This ensures the best possible in-house climate, year round, no matter local climatic conditions.. Company profile.. DACS AS.. Falkevej 18.. 8766 Nr.. Snede.. Danmark.. Tel.. : +45 75 77 19 22.. Fax: +45 75 77 19 18.. nd@dacs.. dk.. ABOUT DACS.. Poultry.. Pigs  ...   climate and production controller.. ACS2 - climate controller.. ACSnet - management software.. GSM alarm system.. Climate and production controllers.. FW42 - feed scale.. PS1 - bird scale.. Weighing systems.. Hi-Lo.. Pan Feeding systems.. LifeLine.. Top nipple.. Cup Drinking system for poultry.. Bins.. Feed bins.. Flex-flow.. Feed transport.. Panels.. Download.. Feed weigher.. Heating in poultry houses.. Monitors for farms.. Poultry house controllers.. Poultry weighing.. Ventilation for animals.. Ventilation in farms.. Ventilation for livestock.. Ventilation in poultry houses.. Warmer poultry houses.. Info.. PRODUCTS.. NEWS.. Exhibitions.. Professional papers.. Professional.. Suppliers.. LINKS.. CASES.. CONTACT..

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  • Title: Produktionsstyring
    Descriptive info: Om DACS.. DACS udvikler, producerer og leverer systemer til at styre klima og produktion i fjerkræ- og svinestalde.. Vi ser en tæt sammenhæng mellem miljøet i stalden, dyrevelfærd og profitabel produktion.. Derfor tilstræber vi at udvikle systemer til ventilation og produktionsstyring, som optimerer klimaet i stalden uanset de lokale klimatiske forhold.. Dette er forudsætningen for en profitabel produktion.. Virksomhedsprofil.. DACS.. Luftindtag til fjerkræstalde..  ...   moduler.. Ventilation til fjerkræ og svin.. HPC-Flex - køle- og befugtningsanlæg.. Kaloriferer til opvarmning.. Køle- og varmeanlæg.. ACS6 styringen til fjerkræstalde.. ACS2 styringen til svine- og fjerkræstalde.. ACSnet.. GSMprocessor.. Klima- og produktionsstyring.. Fodervægt.. PS1.. Vejesystemer.. Hi-Lo foderskålen.. Skålefodringssystem.. LifeLine kopsystemet.. Topnippel.. Drikkesystemer til fjerkræ.. DACS siloer 2,75 mtr diameter.. Siloer.. Flex-snegle.. Fodertransport.. Download brochurer.. Styretavler.. PRODUKTER.. NYHEDER.. Messer.. Fagblade.. Fagligt.. Leverandører.. ARTIKLER.. KONTAKT..

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  • Title: Системы вентиляции птицекомплекс
    Descriptive info: !.. DACS.. ,.. , ,.. -.. DACS ,.. , , ,.. CoronaD.. CoronaS.. FAU740.. HPC-Flex.. ACS6.. ACS2.. GSM-.. FW42.. TOP-nipple..

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  • Title: poultry house ventilation
    Descriptive info: Corona.. D - air.. intake for poultry houses.. Climatization in poultry houses is a complex task, but the CoronaD air intake for poultry houses is designed to meet the challenges in modern poultry production facilities.. The CoronaD air intake mixes the incoming air with warm room air and distributes the pre-heated air evenly throughout the house.. The constant air movement keeps the house and the litter dry and effectively removes gaseous waste products.. Also the mixing of warm  ...   the growth period, and depending on outside weather conditions, the mixing percentage of incoming air/warm room air changes automatically to maintain the optimum temperature on the air entering the poultry house.. When the need for cooling arises, the CoronaD forces cool air downwards through the centre venturi.. The cooling effect of this vertical air distribution provides the most efficient air cooling available in the poultry industry.. Erwin Nijssen Case Story.. CoronaD, ventilation for poultry.. Danish fans cut production costs..

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  • Title: Ventilation for pig houses
    Descriptive info: S.. - air intake for pig and poultry houses.. Optimum production results in a pig house is closely related to the climatic conditions in the house.. A stable climate in the house boosts productivity and profits.. The CoronaS air intake from DACS is mixing the fresh incoming air with warm room air and distributing the mixed, pre-heated air in the house.. The CoronaS air intake ensures the best climatic conditions in the house no matter outside weather conditions..  ...   room air changes automatically to maintain the optimum temperature on the ventilating air and create a comfortable environment amongst the animals.. The constant air movement of tempered air is highly energy saving and help keeping the house dry.. In pig and poultry houses, where heat is added, the mixing of warm room air with incoming air reduces the heating costs by 50 % compared to the conventional ventilation systems available on the market.. CoronaS, ventilation for pig houses..

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  • Title: Exhaust unit for livestock facilities
    Descriptive info: FAU 740 - exhaust for livestock production facilities.. The FAU740 exhaust ventilation unit from DACS for use in livestock production facilities is a roof mounted unit made from strong, highly insulated segments.. This is a very flexible system that easily fit into any type of building.. The exhaust unit from DACS is shaped in the most aerodynamic way and equipped with a highly efficient fan motor that ensures high air exchange rates with very low energy consumption.. The unit can be speed controlled with a frequency inverter.. FAU 740, exhaust unit..

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  • Title: DACS A/S | ventilationssystemer | klima- og produktionsstyringssystemer
    Descriptive info: Cut cost on roof fan chimneys.. DACS A/S has developed a new series of roof fan chimneys.. The new system reduces transport costs by 80 % and offers significant savings on installation costs.. Each chimney consists of four panels, assembled fast and easily using a specially designed push-in stainless steel bolt and nut.. One standard pallet holds almost 29 linear meters (95ft) of complete chimney shaft Ø760mm (30 ).. Monocoque panel chimneys.. The new panels developed by DACS has made it much easier to build and install chimneys for poultry houses, and the modular construction makes it possible to assemble chimneys of virtually indefinite lengths.. The assembled unit is so strong it will carry its own weight to  ...   truck bumpers, golf clubs, and similar high stress applications.. High insulation value.. During the injection molding process, nitrogen is injected into the uncured ABS, and the core of the panel expands into a foam.. This production technique gives a panel with a surface boasting superior hardness and chemical resistance, and an inner core with thermal insulation properties equal to or better than expanded polyurethane.. The result is a chimney with excellent thermal properties, suitable for use in ambient temperatures ranging from -40 C to +60 C (-40 F to +140 F).. The heat conductivity of the material is k = 0,06-0,07 W/m 8K (equivalent to cork).. In comparison, mineral wool has a heat conductivity of 0,045 W/m 8K..

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  • Title: Ventilation for poultry
    Descriptive info: Ventilation for poultry and pig houses.. The DACS patented ventilation systems for poultry and pig houses offer unique yet simple features that combine maximum animal well-being with profitable production.. The Corona air intake mix the warm room air from the house with incoming air and distribute this tempered air throughout the house, creating a constant gentle  ...   the house removes gaseous waste products from the animals and help keeping the house dry.. In conjunction with our exhausts the right air exchange in the house is maintained at any time.. Animals that live under perfect climatic conditions bring profitability to your production.. For these simple and obvious reasons, our systems improve overall performance and profitability..

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  • Title: Cooling system
    Descriptive info: HPC-Flex cooling and humidification.. The HPC Flex (High Pressure Cooling) system is a multi functional system for cooling, humidifying, soaking, desinfection, and medication in buildings for any type of livestock production facilities.. Under hot dry conditions the HPC system will provide a significant reduction of the temperature in the house, thereby alleviating animal heat stress.. The flexibility of the system allows for cooling in one or more climate zones.. The simple setup is with only one climate zone, like in a poultry house, where all nozzles are activated at the same time.. In buildings with  ...   climate zone.. The climate controller opens/closes the magnetic valve depending on the need for cooling in the zone.. To maintain a constant pressure of 65 bars on the system, the pump unit is automatically accelerated/decelerated depending on the flow of water through the pump.. The HPC system from DACS is the only system on the market that uses a self tuning high pressure pump, and the advantages are clear:.. Line break detection - immediate shut down.. One pump serves multiple zones.. Significantly reduced running costs.. Significantly reduced noise levels.. Significantly increased product lifetime.. HPC-Flex, cooling system..

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  • Title: Warm water radiators for poultry house heating
    Descriptive info: Warm water radiator for heating in poultry and pig houses.. The water carried heating systems from DACS supplies a large quantity of dry heat to the house.. Dry heat is useful both for heating up to temperature set point but also for dehumidification, like in a poultry house, since dry heat can absorb a large quantity of humidity.. In conjunction with the ventilation system  ...   All our warm water radiators are hot dip galvanized for maximum corrosion protection.. The distance between the lamellas is 5 mm and each lamella is 1 mm thick which allows for high pressure washing without bending the lamellas.. We offer two sizes.. The capacity on the units is calculated at a room temperature of 32º C and an incoming water temperature of minimum 85º C..

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  • Title: Cooling and heating systems
    Descriptive info: Cooling and heating systems for poultry and pig houses.. The DACS high pressure cooling system and the water carried heating system facilitate the adjustment of the in-house climate by means of heat conversion and extraction, or by heat addition.. The systems are made from corrosion free materials, ensuring trouble free operation year after year.. The systems are flexible and can be fitted into any type of building..

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  • Archived pages: 176