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  • Title: dadadans: dadadans
    Descriptive info: .. dadadans.. about.. news.. projects.. calendar.. contact.. feathers stilettos.. English.. Dansk.. dadadans C/O BORA BORA Valdemarsgade 1, 8000 Århus C tel : 2814 7313 CVR-NR : 28 04 74 36.. mail: dadadans@dadadans.. dk www.. dadadans.. dk..

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  • Title: dadadans: about
    Descriptive info: DADADANS.. is founded by choreographer Helle Bach.. The work is shaped by Helle Bach’s main interest in the stories our bodies carry, and her focus on ”the human condition”.. She wants to make us laugh and cry by recognizing the banal realities of life as well as its poetic beauty.. The choreographic language has its own original tone drawing on vocabularies from abstract contemporary dance to french cabaret tradition.. Helle Bach works with the body in an exploratory way giving time and space to detail and individuality.. The movements are dynamic, direct and inventive.. Her work is underlined by a strong sense of rhythm and humour, which infuses her choreography with unexpected turns.. Here is a universe that mirrors the twisted, poetic and ironic that lives in us all.. Since 2005, in collaboration with an architect and an interaction designer, the work has been centered on incorporating every-day communication technologies such as cell phones,  ...   time passes.. SNIP SNAP SNUDE (2010) On the topic of death in five poetic pictures; a non sentimental reminder of the inevitable facts of life.. Coming work:.. “GROW” (2012/13) An outdoor interactive installation for the city of HORSENS.. HELLE BACH.. studied at Ballet Academy in Gothenburg and at the Menagerie Verre in Paris.. After graduation she worked for seven years as a freelance dancer in Paris.. Since 1998 her base has been in Denmark and from 1999 choreography has been her main focus.. Curriculum Vitae_ Helle Bach_english_2012.. The following foundations have over time supported performance projects by dadadans and Helle Bach:.. The Danish Arts Council Teaterrådet / Kunstrådet/ Kunstrådets Scenekunstudvalg.. The State Arts Foundation Statens Kunstfond.. Augustinus Fonden.. Wilhelm Hansen Fonden.. Tuborg Fondet.. Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968.. City of Copenhagen Københavns Scenekunstudvalg.. Oticon-Fonden.. Danish Actors Union Dansk Skuespillerforbunds blankbåndsmidler.. Danish Actors Union.. Dansk Skuespillerforbunds Koreograflegat.. City of Aarhus Århus Kommunes Fritids- og Kulturforvaltning..

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  • Title: dadadans: projects
    Descriptive info: still going WRONG 2012.. Feathers stilettos 2011.. Snip Snip Snude 2010.. Inside out -Outdoor in 2009.. Facade 2008.. Dance computers 2007.. REALstAGE 2005-07.. small details 2004.. Together 2003.. Intermezzo 2002.. See my dress 2002-03..

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  • Title: dadadans: calendar
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  • Title: dadadans: contact
    Descriptive info: C/O BORA BORA.. Valdemarsgade 1.. DK – 8000 Århus C.. Tlf # +45 28147313..

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  • Title: dadadans
    Descriptive info: GROW is on the pedestrian street in HORSENS all November 2012.. GROW is an interactive installation made to the city of Horsens.. Placed in KUBEN on the pedestrian street it invites bypassers to engage with it threw image and sound.. In the middle of the miniture of Horsens is placed an Egg from where a muse every friday is hatched at 4 pm.. and 5.. 30 pm.. Follow GROW at.. www.. facebook.. com/vaerk.. Press photos from still going WRONG.. Download the photos or see them full size.. New trailer for still going WRONG.. Rehearsals for still going WRONG has begun.. Helle Bach and the five dancers are working hard through March and April to develop dadadans next performance.. still going WRONG.. They have a great pool of mistakes, kindly donated by you through the last year, to inspire them in their work making a dance performance all about being wrong.. Log on to.. dadadans facebook site.. to follow the process and be entertained by some of the best stories about mistakes.. Postbox.. DONATE A WRONG.. AND SUPPORT A PERFORMANCE !.. You can know find postbox s 3 places in Aarhus where you can donate your mistake stories to dadadans as inspiration for the new piece still going WRONG :.. Entré Scenen Grønnegade 93D.. 8000 Århus.. HeadQuarters Valdemarsgade 1.. Løve s Bog- og VinCafé.. Nørregade 32.. 8000 Århus C.. Thank you and looking forward to receiving post.. more info: www.. entrescenen.. Donate a WRONG and get five fantastic back.. 31 Aug 03 Sep 2011.. Donate a mistake and get five fantastic in return.. dadadans invites you into a lair of creativity where mistakes are used as the  ...   at:.. MOVING ME MOVING YOU.. - a dobbel bill with.. Running sculptures Dadadans / Lars Dahl Pedersen Helle Bach.. 8.. 12.. March 2011 / kl.. 20:00 / Entré Scenen, Århus.. info: entrescenen.. 10.. May 2011 / kl.. 20:00 / Lille Carl; Dansehallerne, Copenhagen.. info: dansescenen.. MOVING ME MOVING YOU is fonded by : Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Statens Kunstråds Scenekunstudvalg, Århus Kommune and Entré Scenen.. some news.. Memento Mori will be on show at the LOIKKA dance film festival, Helsinki in March 2011.. WRONG.. dadadans has used the summer to make a new dance video.. - an unsuccessful attempt to give the outside world what it wants.. Director and performer: Helle Bach.. Camera and editing: Michael Staal Dinesen.. Music: Emil Sebastian Bøll.. The premiere will be at the festival.. The Big Intensive.. oktober 2010.. DANSEHALLERNE.. WRONG -trailer.. Memento Mori.. 2 July 2010.. Memento mori – a dance video about death, has now had it s final editing and is waiting to be sent out to dance video festivals.. The film is a duet between a man and a woman sensuously wallowing in one another while painfully aware of the reality of death as in a classical vanitas still life.. We follow the couple from intense infatuation until death pulls them apart.. Left behind he sits with all his memories, want and longing for her.. Memento Mori is a collaboration between dadadans and Staalfilm,.. and is produced with the support of Den Vestdanske Filmpulje.. Choreography: Helle Bach.. Dancers: Johan Amselem and Louise Hyun Dahl.. Sound design: Emil Sebastian Bøll.. Music: Prepared Piano Piece 1 by Aphex Twin, performed by Clive Williamson by arrangement with London Sinfonietta.. Older Entries..

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  • Title: dadadans: still going WRONG
    Descriptive info: still going WRONG invites you to a rendezvous with five dancers who seek happiness in perfection but find joy in the mistakes that create unforeseen life.. On stage the dancers confess, fight and battle their own and others people’s mistakes.. It’s a chaos of sweaty hands, flushed cheeks and busy feet trying to run away.. The shame and embarresment of being mistaken is defused and disarmed through humor.. We kissed in a mosque.. I was born in the wrong body.. Is it a mistake to revive a dying patient on the way to the hospice?.. In the year before the making of still going WRONG dadadans has annimated  ...   mistakes at our blog.. still going WRONG (dadadans) Trailer.. Bora Bora.. Choreographer / Artistic Director: Helle Bach Lighting designer: Mårten Axelsson Composer: Emil Sebastian Bøll Costumes: Charlotte Østergaard Dancers: Alexandre Bourdat, Tiziana Fracchiolla, Raphael Eder Kastling, Marylise Tanvet og Esther Wrobel still going WRONG premiered 8 16th May 2012 at Bora Bora, Aarhus and played 14 23th June 2012 at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen.. still going WRONG is coproduced with Bora Bora and supported by Th Danish National Bank, Danish National Arts Council, Aarhus Municipality, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality.. Press photos can be found.. here.. I ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work.. Quote by Thomas Edison..

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  • Title: dadadans: Feathers and stilettos
    Descriptive info: FEATHERS STILETTOS.. Life as a showgirl at the famous music hall stage Folies Bergere in Paris is not just about feathers, false eyelashes and stilettos.. The body s appearance is put under tension as waistlines, weight and even hair colour are grounds for firing.. Here the body is a tool to portray a stylised image of beauty.. Through a mix of dance and theatre Helle Bach takes a tour of her personal experiences at the Folies Bergere in the early 1990s, and gives the audience a unique insight into how to present long legs, high breasts and transform the body into a real showgirl.. An undercurrent flows through the solo, with a clash between the real body in constant change and the ideal of the beautiful body that reflects ideas, dreams and  ...   entertain and.. interest even beyond the narrow.. circle of dance nerds.. Weekendavisen, Majbrit Hjelmsbo.. Feathers Stilettos premiered on the 8th March 2011 at Entré Scenen, Aarhus, after which it played at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen as part of the dual program Moving Moving Me You.. Feathers Stilettos played in an english version on 21th September 2011 at the festival Moving Agendas, Aarhus and at I.. E.. T.. M.. Copenhagen 30th March 2012.. Choreography, concept and dance: Helle Bach.. Lightdesign: Benjamin la Cour.. Audio: Emil Sebastian Bøll.. Technician: Kasper Egelund.. Production: dadadans in co-production with Entre Scenen.. Feathers stilettos is produced with support from the Danish National Arts Council, Aarhus Municipality, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation and Copenhagen Municipality.. Tech Rider_ Feathers and Stilettoes_ dadadans_2011.. For a full legnth video version of Feathers stilettos please contact us..

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  • Title: dadadans: Snip Snap
    Descriptive info: SNIP SNAP.. - a poetic and sensuel dance with death.. Death is strange, fascinating, mysterious and a taboo an inevitable part of life.. You can count on Death.. The performance Snip Snap Snude looks death in the eye, in a pure sensory bombardment, where the individual vision of death is merged with the different cultural perceptions of end of life.. The dancers living body is playing with virtual visual elements and death as the eternal dance partner.. Snip Snap Snude puts a perspective on our view of death yours, mine and the neighbors!.. The performance is a collage, which, through visual tableaux and ultra-short soundscapes examines and compares selected Western symbols and cliches about death with reality.. Snip Snap Snude sheds light  ...   Signe Klejs.. Choreography.. : Helle Bach.. Interaction design.. : Signe Klejs.. Dancers.. : Johan Amselem, Anders Christiansen and Carina Raffel.. Music composed for the piece and Sounddesign.. : Emill Sebastian Bøll.. Also music by.. : Murcof.. Set design and Costume design.. : Helle Bach and Signe Klejs.. Lighting design.. : Anja Myung Hansen.. Producer / PR.. : Nojazz and Sceneargenturet.. Production.. : Projektcentret/ Dansens Hus.. Duration.. : 60 minutes.. Minimum stage measurements.. : 9 meters deep x 7 meters wide.. Venues:.. Archauz, Århus, 4 10 april 2010.. Kapellet på Assistens Kirkegården, København, 2 14 marts 2010.. SNIP SNAP SNUDE was produced with support from The Danish Arts Council, Willhelm Hansen Fonden, Kulturudviklings puljen Århus kunstråd, Region Midtjylland, Entre Scenen and KBH.. Kommune underskudsgarenti..

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  • Title: dadadans: Inside out – Outside in
    Descriptive info: INSIDE OUT – OUTSIDE IN.. - An evening for dance and computers – in two parts.. Inside Out Outside In is a dance performance in which two seemingly different worlds sneak up on each other via an interactive scenography.. As with the world wide web images, scenes and action from everyday life are reused in new and multible contexts.. In this technological cocktail of a dance performance bodies of flesh and blood are mixed with live audio and animated images equating the “real” with the “virtual” objects.. Inside Out Outside In is a show in two parts -.. Inside out: a duet for two female dancers, that portrays the inner dialogue of a woman.. Outside In a quartet for two men and  ...   both as individuals and social creatures.. INSIDE OUT OUTSIDE IN.. Concep.. t: Helle Bach in collaboration with Signe Klejs.. : Miguel Cortes, Louise Hyun Dahl, Lars Dahl Pedersen and Maria Naidu.. Music by.. : Sumumu Yokota, Aphex Twin, Cafe Tacuba, Juan Garcia Esquivel, Matthew Herbert.. Set design.. Costume design.. : Charlotte Østergaard.. : Bjarke Sørensen/Lumen.. Producer: Sofie Van Nord.. PR: Allan Jensen.. : Entre Scenen.. : 10 meters deep x 10 meters wide.. : 85 min.. inkluding a 15 min.. break.. Entre Scenen, Århus 28 February to 6 March 2009.. Dansescenen, Copenhagen 22 September to 27 September 2009.. Inside out Outside in was produced with support from The Danish Arts Council, Kulturudviklings puljen Århus kunstråd, Tuborg Fonden, Oticon Fonden and Entre Scenen..

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  • Title: dadadans: Facade
    Descriptive info: FACADE.. – an installationssolo for dance and computers.. Facade is a unique portrait of a woman, told through a hybrid of virtual interactive media and choreography.. The solo merges the traditional stage-performance with digital installations, and the laptop computer´s intimate access to our public lives.. The outcome is an overall portrait of a woman, her personal world and her existence in the outside world.. Before the performance the audience has an opportunity to meet the woman, both through social networking such as Facebook and her website.. On the evening of the performance the audience is invited to bring a laptop computer with them, which provides access to other aspects of the woman on stage´s personality through her performance and her behavior online.. The audience is invited to explore the onstage installation before and after the performance.. During the performance we follow the woman while she changes from  ...   this context, the internet delivers an additional opportunity to diversify the impressions from stage, and mirror the rapid changes between public and private facades.. Facade is an experiment, that manipultates and plays with the time and space of the real, virtual, private and public life.. The installations negate the ordinary physical limitations on stage by giving the possibility to look around corners and into hidden rooms.. The interactive media create interactions between the audience and the stage´s real and virtual room.. : Helle Bach AND Signe Klejs.. Choreography and dance.. Installation and interaktivt design.. Light design :.. Morten Ladefoged.. Stage minimum.. : 8 meter deep x 10 meter wide.. : 60 min.. Venues: Entre Scenen, Århus 27 til 31 maj 2008.. Facade is a coproduktion between dadadans and Entré Scenen was produced with the support from.. The Danish Actors Union/Kollektive blankbåndsmidler and Århus Kommune.. more info:.. yellowtransmission.. dk/facade..

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