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  • Title: Welcome to the M&W Group
    Descriptive info: .. M&W GROUP.. Oldenvej 5.. 3490 Kvistgaard.. Denmark.. Phone: +45-49139822.. Mail:.. m-w@m-w.. dk.. Mark & Wedell.. M&W Engineering (Rembe).. M&W JAWO Handling.. M&W Asketeknik.. Contact.. Mark Wedell.. is subsupplier for engineering and.. workshop services.. The company is specialised in.. development of special machines, Current Leads.. and Annulles (offshore safety equipment).. M W Engineering.. represents REMBE GmbH SAFETY.. + CONTROL in Denmark..  ...   explosion protection.. M W JAWO Handling.. designs and builds units and.. complete systems for representative sampling of.. powder and granular bulk material for e.. g.. the cement.. industry and mineral and coal mining world-wide.. M W Asketeknik.. develops and produces a complete.. range of equipment for sampling and process monitoring.. systems for coal and bio fuels fired power plants world-wide.. imarketing..

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  • Title: Mark & Wedell
    Descriptive info: Company Profile.. Annulus.. Current Leads.. Water Quality.. Subsupplier.. Special Machines.. Mark Wedell is an engineering and manufacturing company in Kvistgaard near Elsinore.. The company was established in 1974.. and is an ideal business partner and subsupplier.. Mark Wedell contains all processes from drawing to delivery.. Today we are 35 employees and have 3300m under  ...   Contact us.. Family name.. *.. :.. Name.. Sex.. Male.. Female.. E-mail.. Phone.. How can we help you?.. Type this code:.. kf1.. #cmember {margin-top:0px;border:solid 1px #7F0000;padding:10px;}#cmemberTitle {white-space:nowrap;font-weight:bold;color:#b90010;font-size:14px;}#title {text-align:left;font-weight:bold;color:#000000;font-size:12px;width:100px;}.. tbox {margin-top:-10px;color:#000000;border:solid 1px #7F0000;background:#F7F7F7;font-size:12px;width:213px;}#textbox {font-size:12px;}#clogin {font-size:12px;margin-bottom:-15px;}#textboxbesttime {margin-top:10px;margin-left:0px;font-size:12px;width:160px;}#textboxvalidation {clear:both;margin-left:0px;margin-top:-35px;font-size:12px;}#textboxvalidation p {font-size:12px;}#textboxvalidation br {display:none;}#textboxvalidation img {width:auto;height:18px;}#errormsg p {color:#FF0000;text-transform:uppercase;}#cmemberRemarksBox {clear:both;margin-left:0px;font-weight:bold;color:#000000;font-size:12px;width:150px;margin-top:-5px;width:200px;margin-bottom:15px;padding-top:15px;}#cmemberRemarksBox br {display:none;}#validation {color:#000000;border:solid 1px #7F0000;padding:3px;;background:#F7F7F7;font-size:12px;}#submit {background:#7F0000;border:solid 1px black;cursor:pointer;padding-top:3px;margin-left:0px;font-weight:bold;color:#FFFFFF;font-size:12px;width:150px;margin-top:-5px;width:90px;height:23px;margin-bottom:15px;}textarea {clear:both;resize:none;color:#000000;background:#F7F7F7;font-size:12px;width:260px;margin-top:15px;width:300px;height:80px;margin-bottom:15px;}textarea.. tbox {margin-top:0px;}..

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  • Title: Company Profile
    Descriptive info: Bursting plugs.. Elevator EX.. EXKOP.. Explosion Panel.. Explosion Venting.. Holder IG.. Pres/Vacuum Protection.. Mark Wedell A/S has since 1978 been the exclusive distributor of REMBE Safety + Control's products in Denmark.. Products to protect your plant against explosions, overpressure and vacuumconditions.. Bursting discs and breather valves provide process safety throughout your production facility.. State of the art flameless indoor explosion venting, explosion isolation or suppression protects your facility against dust explosions and dust explosion propagation.. Extensive material stocks enable flexible production and fast response deliveries in most material grades.. Premium deliveries are offered on application.. Product.. Selection Guide (PDF-file).. wqd..

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  • Title: M&W JAWO Handling
    Descriptive info: Samplers.. Dividers.. Crushers.. Accessories.. M W JAWO Handling designs and builds units and complete.. systems for representative sampling of granular bulk.. material for industries world-wide.. Representative sampling is required to make the right.. decision.. Technical decision for process control as well.. as commercial decision for valution of a  ...   national.. sampling standards for materials like coal, ore, minerals,.. limestone, cement clinker, solid chemicals, solid biofuels.. and building materials.. For complete systems we also provide auxiliary machinery,.. PLC-based control system and structure as required to.. support the machines.. Sampling Theory (PDF-file).. Representative Sampling Systems (PDF-File).. Sampling Questionnaire (Word-file).. e9v..

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  • Title: M&W Asketeknik
    Descriptive info: Dirty Air Pitot.. Dust Sampler.. Dustless Connection.. Fly-Ash Sampler.. Pulverized Fuel Sampler.. Raw Coal Sampling.. Residual Carbon Analyser.. Trimming Damper.. M W Asketeknik develops and produces sampling and proces monitoring systems for coal fired power plants world-wide.. Our sampling and measurement systems provide valuable data for  ...   of the raw coal, the distribution of the pulverised coal to the burners and the amount of unburned coal in fly ash are key issues.. Our technical solutions have been developed and site tested in close collaboration with the operators of the power plants world-wide.. 50m..

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  • Title: Contact
    Descriptive info: Office hours.. Partners.. General contact:.. Main Office.. Dir.. tlf.. :.. +45 49 13 98 22.. Fax:.. +45 49 13 91 62.. Email:.. Name:.. Leif Skov.. +45 49 17 49 36.. Cell phone:.. +45 40 54 64 93.. ls@m-w.. Department of sales:.. M W Group.. Area:.. Africa, Australia, Cuba, Deutschland, Greece, India, New Zealand,.. Russia, Spain, Pakistan, Middle East and Ukraine.. Ole Kjølbye.. +45 49 17 49 24.. +45 26 12 98 22..  ...   Denmark, Finland and Scotland.. Kristian Llewellyn.. +45 49 17 49 15.. +45 31 10 45 12.. kl@m-w.. Albania, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, England, Finland, France,.. Hungaria, Ireland, Japan, Indonesia, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands,.. Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Rumania, Serbia and Vietnam.. Jacob Wedell.. +45 49 17 49 33.. jw@m-w.. Austria, China, Denmark, Switzerland, Portugal,.. Turkey, North, South and Central America.. Charlotte Wedell.. +45 49 17 49 39.. +45 40 23 98 22.. cw@m-w..

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  • Title: Mark & Wedell
    Descriptive info: -.. 72.. 54.. 0.. 1.. i">Company Profile.. 0vh..

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  • Title: Annulus (M&W)
    Descriptive info: 66.. i">Annulus.. The M W Annulus Pressure Relief Safety System is a versatile system especially designed and developed as a user friendly reliable system for use in connection with pressure test of wellhead and/or blow-out prevention systems.. The System is easy to install, simple to use with very low maintenance requirements.. All parts are produced of stainless steel and manufactured in accordance with the highest standard and quality, consistently controlled and tested at each stage of the production.. PDF of Annulus brochure - Download it.. here..

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  • Title: Current Leads (M&W)
    Descriptive info: 76.. i">Current Leads.. Mark Wedell offer a range of technically well proven solutions to satisfy the need for current leads for your liquid helium applications project.. The base concept is vapour cooled resistive current leads with interfaces tailored to suit your application hardware and other requirements.. The innovative design is well suited for series production and presents nice solutions to  ...   for retrofit and upgrade projects.. Mark Wedell provides the following capabilities:.. Development and manufacturing following our certified QA system.. Facilities for helium leak measurement and pressure test.. Facilities for high voltage and isolation resistance measurement.. Full featured computer code for static and dynamic analysis.. In house facilities for design, drawing and manufacturing.. PDF of Current Leads brochure - Download it.. tob..

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  • Title: Measuring Water Quality (M&W)
    Descriptive info: Mark Wedell offers a full range of instruments for measuring water quality in both fresh and salt waters.. This has been obtained through acquisition in 2007 of the know how and personnel of Global Monitoring Instrumentation.. The instruments are based on probes that are placed into the water from a boat.. The probe is held on a lease and communication is performed through the connection cable.. The sonde can also be dragged  ...   area.. In some cases the probe is required to be left stationary on a position in the sea connected to a buoy and can then communicate by build in wireless blue tooth technology to a PC on board a boat up to a distance of 100 m.. Software for data upload, online handling, export and more is available for both Windows XP and Windows Mobile.. PDF of Water Quality brochure - Download it..

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  • Title: Subsupplier (M&W)
    Descriptive info: 125.. i">Subsupplier.. Engineering Services:.. Our mechanical and electrical engineers work primarily with development of special machines and measuring instrument systems and have good insight in analysis of mechanic, electric and thermodynamic systems and measurement theory and techniques.. Manufacturing:.. Our highly skilled craftsmen and technicians of our modern workshops provide services to satisfy requirements of the most demanding companies within offshore and farmaceuticals industries..

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