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    Archived pages: 22 . Archive date: 2012-10.

  • Title: Ruby Cocktail Chronicles | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: .. This is an online newspaper.. and it is enhanced with Flash and JavaScript.. So you can either make sure you have.. Flash.. and turn on JavaScript.. OR you can.. watch it in HTML.. :..

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  • Title: Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: {2 Oct 1812} - Nybrogade 10, st.. , DK - 1203 KbhK - Opening hours {Mon-Sat} 4 p.. m.. to 2 a.. & {Sun} 6 p.. to midnight.. What is new and what is not.. THIS IS WHERE WE WRITE A BIT ABOUT.. what is going on in our bar, in our shakers and in our twisted minds….. Classic.. Ruby specials.. Season.. WE FOCUS ON CLASSIC COCKTAILS IN RUBY.. , but we're not shy of creating our own concotions either.. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of what we have to offer.. Bring out the Ruby-mobile tonight.. CORPORATE OR  ...   you.. YUP, OUTSIDE OUR PEAK HOURS YOU CAN.. book a table for you and your homies.. BUT –we do unfortunately not take reservations on Fridays after 7pm Saturdays after 8pm.. A little about bartenders and their reputation.. BARTENDERS HAVE THROUGH TIME.. deservedly earned a reputation for being someone you can confide in, share your sorrows with or simply just rant at.. We’re here to listen.. We love to stay in touch with our friends.. However, we are very busy.. So don't expect us to write you about any little tedious detail, like Sune's new shoes, or Nick's sprained face.. Next..

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  • Title: News | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: It was nice while it lasted.. {Written the 14th of Sep the year 1812}.. We had some laughs, got a bit of a tan, had a few beers in the sun, and generally we aren't complaining.. Summers are like that here, a short burst of mischief and shenanigans, and then we pull the jumpers back on.. But that means a new menu!.. Heavy autumn notes of deep dark fruit and cold bursts of windswept rain, beets and currants and spices.. That's what it's all about in the fall.. Read on in the next pages to see more about what we plan to offer as it gets darker.. The Vesterbro place is taking shape.. The shelves have been put up, the bar is almost functional.. No, we do not give you a date for opening, we'd only make ourselves look silly.. But we safely say that we open before christmas.. It's looking damned cool and homely, and we look forward to serving you out there as well.. We are going to introduce a brand new concept in the Ruby Basement.. Were it has up to now been the forgotten classics that reigned down there, it will now be an ever changing menu, governed by the bartender in charge of the weekend.. So look forward to geeky themes, gin flights, whisky galore and a lot of punch.. And Finally, Summer is Here!.. {Written the 21st of Jun the year 1812}.. So we waited and waited and waited, and the weather went from  ...   keep our greasy fingers off the strawberries.. This year it's a refreshing and potent brandy/absinth fizz with muddled berries.. On the main menu there are changes as well, but we can't go into details here.. It suffices to say that the Summer Spritzer AND the Midsummer Night's Dream both are back.. (Hear the stampede in the distance.. ).. Also we proudly look forward to showing you the new lay-out of the menu.. It's been redesigned by Per Baasch Jørgensen, and we are eternally grateful to him.. Please remember the summer dresscode.. It means that on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays we can not guarantee that men in short pants will be let in.. Apart from that we look forward to seeing and serving you all.. Special Opening Hours.. {Written the 23rd of May the year 1812}.. There are some holidays coming up the next weeks, and we just want to let you all know that they do not have any impact on our opening hours at all.. We are open as usual.. Now you know.. However, on SUNDAY the 3rd of JUNE we will find ourselves closed.. The staff is being sent off to the local Betty Ford/Anger Management clinic, to learn all about everything.. See you.. News.. 86 rules of boozing.. Rule #37.. Try one new drink each week.. Brilliant thoughts on imbibing.. "No free woman should be allowed any more than one maid to follow her, unless she was drunk.. ".. Zaleucus, 7th century BC greek law code.. Prev..

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  • Title: Seasonal Cocktails Autumn 2012 | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: Seasonal Cocktails Autumn 2012.. Every season we combine some of our favourite spirits with the fruits and flavours of the moment to produce a handful of seasonal cocktails.. Finally the lighter days are upon us.. To Autumn.. by William Blake (from Poetical Sketches, 1783).. O Autumn, laden with fruit, and stain’d.. With the blood of the grape, pass not, but sit.. Beneath my shady roof; there thou may’st rest,.. And tune thy jolly voice to my fresh pipe,.. And all the daughters of the year shall dance!.. Sing now the lusty song of fruits and flowers.. “The narrow bud opens her beauties to.. The sun, and love runs in her thrilling veins;.. Blossoms hang round the brows of Morning, and.. Flourish down the bright cheek of modest Eve,.. Till clust’ring Summer breaks forth into singing,.. And feather’d clouds strew flowers round her head.. “The spirits of the air live in the smells.. Of fruit;  ...   Citrus vodka, then topped with dry champagne.. East meets West elegantly in this light, lemony dream.. What a Pickle!.. Sweet, sour and savoury notes all at once! Sweet crème de cacao and rich chestnut liqueur sit cosily in a chilled coupette, together with a good measure of locally-distilled dill aquavit and a drop of fig and date balsamic vinegar.. Stimulating!.. Lavender 21.. We have boosted the combination of Tanqueray no.. 10 gin, crème de cacao and fresh lemon, with lavender-infused vermouth and a drop of crème de violette resulting in a luxurious, perfumed delight.. Beets Me.. Boulard Calvados underscores this vibrant and zesty combination of earthy beetroot, lemon juice, coconut puree and ginger.. How can this combination possibly work you ask? Beats us, but it does!.. A Currant Affair.. Rich and oaky Angostura 1919 rum is stirred up with lush créme de cassis, black currant puree, and heavy bitters to create this juicy, autumnal sensation..

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  • Title: Ruby on the Road | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: Ruby on the Road.. Events Catering.. We love a challenge and promise to deliver highest standards when it comes to cocktails drinks service, both in our bar on a daily basis, but also at events.. Our team of experienced professional bartenders will make all the difference at any event, ensuring a smooth operation from beginning to end.. Our approach relies on focusing entirely on these three aspects:.. The Cocktail.. We are passionate about cocktails, and it shows.. Every single cocktail produced is made with love attention to detail.. On top  ...   your expectations when it comes to taste, presentation style.. You will be amazed at what’s possible.. The Quality.. Quality is essential to our business and we never compromise.. We work with the best ingredients only; fruits, juices, spirits, liqueurs, Champagnes and wines are all handpicked for their specific qualities, and we continue to source the finest raw products from around the world.. The Crowd.. We can cater for almost any size event, from small receptions to larger ones of millions of guests.. Well maybe not millions, but quite a few anyway..

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  • Title: Bookings | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: Bookings.. Situated in the very heart of Copenhagen, hidden away from the masses is where you’ll find Copenhagens cosiest and most luxurious venue.. The building that dates back to 1740 has high ceilings that go on forever, original wood flooring and quite possibly the best view in town; facing Thorvaldsens Museum, Folketinget and Ridebanerne.. Ruby is the perfect choice for clients to mix business with peasure in a spirited and dynamic yet classic atmosphere.. The grade A listed rooms are  ...   entertained and more than satisfied.. Whether it’s a product launch, an intimate birthday party, a corporate function or a drinks reception, Ruby can comfortably accommodate parties from 10 to 110 guests.. So get in touch and let us help you execute your event to perfection.. Please note that we are unable to take bookings on fridays and saturdays after 7 pm.. Drop us a line at.. bookings@rby.. dk.. and tell us what you need.. The two kings who invented boo'ing..

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  • Title: Where We Are | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: The very beautiful view from Ruby - looking upon Thorvaldsons Museeum.. Where We Are.. Like most good things in life we are not easily accessible.. You kind of have to know where we are to find us, so check this map thoroughly before coming.. ‘All good journeys start with a leap into the unknown’ Paul Theroux said, and we couldn’t agree more.. Contact Us.. Nybrogade 10, ST.. DK - 1203 KØBENHAVN K.. T: +45 3393-1203.. M: +45 5046-4456.. Employees.. Rasmus.. Shepherd-Lomborg.. Cap n o the Ship.. Adeline.. Navigator.. Nick.. Kobbernagel-Hovind.. Purser.. Morten.. Raun.. Engineer.. Sune.. Risum-Urth.. Deckhand.. Nicolas.. Skovgaard.. Parrot..

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  • Title: Newsletter Subscriptions | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: Newsletter Subscriptions.. Ruby List.. Email Address:.. {Written the 6th of Sep the year 1810}.. If we think something important is happening we'll send you a telegram, but most of the time you'll have to check back to this newspaper for what's going on..

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  • Title: Contact Rasmus | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: Contact Rasmus.. Your name:.. *.. Your e-mail:.. Subject:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Contact Adeline | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: Contact Adeline..

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  • Title: Contact Nick | Ruby Cocktail Bar
    Descriptive info: Contact Nick..

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