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    Archived pages: 85 . Archive date: 2012-12.

  • Title: UiD - HOME
    Descriptive info: .. ABOUT US.. PORTFOLIO.. SERVICES.. ARCHIVE.. PRESS.. mail@uid.. dk.. SEARCH.. newsticker home new..

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  • Title: UiD - intro
    Descriptive info: intro.. profile.. Who are we?.. UiD is an award winning urban consultancy, networking with a wide range of international and interdisciplinary collaborators.. Being a small organization where employees are recruited on a project-to-project basis and workshops can be set up where needed, we are extremely flexible with continuity and integrity ensured by only a few key members.. What do we do?.. UiD combines efficient communication and professional management with innovative solutions and visionary design,  ...   variety of services, including lectures and workshops, exhibitions and conferences, filmproduction and publications, building and environmental design, master and process planning.. What do you get?.. Whether it is to provide a single idea, information or contact, or it is to facilitate and coordinate an entire process, including research and programming, concepts and strategies, design and planning, animation and visualization, management and networking, publicity and evaluation, we attempt to give you more than you expect..

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  • Title: UiD - intro
    Descriptive info: buildings.. culture.. education.. housing.. office.. shopping.. sport.. transport.. events.. conferences.. exhibitions.. lectures.. seminars.. tours.. workshops.. media.. animations.. swf.. films.. games.. maps.. sounds.. web.. planning.. tools.. traffic.. landscape.. urbanism.. publications.. catalogues.. essays.. papers.. research.. china.. coma.. harmonious.. process.. uid-newsticker-portfolio..

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  • Title: UiD - intro
    Descriptive info: concept.. strategy.. design.. production.. promotion.. We provide architecture services related to building (.. ,.. and.. transportation.. ) and planning (.. infrastructure.. ).. We curate.. , and organize and execute.. We organize, moderate and participate in.. debates.. , give.. interviews.. , and serve as teachers, critics and jury members.. We  ...   on issues like rapid urban development in.. China.. , evolving urban regions and network societies (.. CoMa.. ), eco-friendly planning methods and building technologies (.. Harmonious City.. ), lifestyle-driven demands in.. thinking within a broad spectrum of professional fields.. We organize and coordinate international and interdisciplinary collaborations (.. co-evolution..

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  • Title: UiD - ARCHIVE
    Descriptive info: Climate changes and future cities.. UiD organizes a seminar at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.. Henrik Valeur, Dominic Balmforth, Søren Leth and Tanja Jordan talk about ‘cradle to cradle’, Shigeru Ban, the favela, Curitiba, Nordhavnen, vertical greenhouses, Masdar and Shibam.. 30 October 2009.. Louisiana.. Denmark.. City · Science Park · University.. UiD organizes a 7 days workshop on the integration of the city, the science park and the university in Lund.. 16 – 23 October 2009.. Lund University - Faculty of Engineering.. Sweden.. Are Dense Cities More Sustainable?.. Henrik Valeur writes an article for the Danish architecture magazine Arkitekten.. Article.. [560K] pdf.. October 2009.. Arkitekten # 12.. China and the World Expo.. UiD is co-organizing a 2 weeks study trip to Beijing and Shanghai, including a visit to the World Expo, in May 2010.. Program.. [524K] pdf.. Contact.. May 2010.. China.. Climate Change, Cities and Urban Life.. UiD is co-organizing a symposium on the relationship between climate change, cities and urban life.. Speakers: Alejandro Gutierrez, Victor Tenez Ybern and Vanessa Miriam Carlow.. Moderators: Henrik Valeur and Prof.. Jens Kvorning.. Participation is free of charge!.. 25 September 2009, 13.. 00 – 17.. 00.. Festsalen.. School of Architecture in Copenhagen.. Denmark.. Our Ecological Footprint.. Henrik Valeur writes feature article for the Danish newspaper Politiken.. [220K] pdf.. August 2009.. Politiken.. The Cities and the Climate.. Henrik Valeur writes an article for the Danish art and design magazine TEGN.. [720K] pdf.. July 2009.. TEGN.. ADIP.. Henrik Valeur lectures as a nominee for a two years guest professorship and the position as head of the Architecture Design Innovation Program at Technische Universität in Berlin.. 2 March 2009.. Technische Universität.. Berlin.. Germany.. LTH study trip and workshop (Shanghai).. UiD co-organize a study trip to Shanghai and a workshop with.. Tongji University.. for professors and master students from.. LTH.. in Sweden.. 20 – 31 October 2008.. Shanghai.. P.. R.. China.. Amagerbrogade.. Urban programming of the Amagerbrogade street.. Project and process consultancy by.. Testbedstudio.. and UiD.. Commissioned by the Municipality of Copenhagen.. Fredrik Fritzson is presenting at the 2nd workshop for city planners and end-users.. 2008.. Copenhagen.. Transforming Chinese Urbanism.. Symposium about Lifestyle, Culture, Architecture and Cities in 21st Century China.. Organized by.. AA.. FAR.. Henrik Valeur is a speaker at session 1: Future Visions.. 23 August 2008, 14.. 00 – 20.. 00.. Bridge 8.. Border Cities.. Henrik Valeur is a guest critic at Bauhaus Dessau for the final presentation of post-graduate studies on border cities in the Baltic Sea Region.. 24 July 2008.. Dessau.. Germany.. CO-EVOLUTION.. Henrik Valeur speaks at the opening of the exhibition at the.. London Festival of Architecture.. Speech.. [20K] pdf.. 20 June – 20 July, 2008 St Olave’s School London UK.. Green Streets of Malmö.. Traffic-plan for bicycles in Malmö.. Commissioned by the City of Malmö.. Project.. [1MB] pdf.. Malmö.. AA Shanghai Visiting Students Summer School.. UiD and.. co-organize the summer school of the.. Architectural Association School of Architecture.. in Shanghai 2008.. Flyer.. [688K] jpg.. 20 – 28 August 2008.. Shanghai.. Green Streets of Shanghai.. Contribution by UiD to the exhibition The Street Belongs to All of Us!.. IVM.. Urban China.. Invitation.. [1MB] jpg.. 21 March – 6 April 2008.. Zendai MOMA.. China.. UiD is the curator of the CO-EVOLUTION exhibition at.. AIA.. 15 February - 12 April 2008.. AIA.. New York.. U.. S.. A.. A Green Future [Made in China].. Henrik Valeur speaks at a symposium on urban sustainability and international collaboration.. CUBE.. DAC.. resume.. [56KB].. 2 February 2008.. Centre for the Urban Built Environment.. Manchester.. England.. Henrik Valeur speaks about CO-EVOLUTION at the opening of the exhibition at.. interview.. [1.. 14MB] jpg.. invitation.. 64MB] pdf.. 2 – 23 February 2008.. Streetscape in the New World.. Competition proposal by UiD for the streetscape around the Hong Kong New World Tower in Shanghai.. Proposal.. 8MB] pdf.. January 2008.. 2008 - Bicycle Tower.. UiD develops visions for future bicycle parking in Malmö.. Comissioned by the City of Malmö.. Phase 1.. 6MB] pdf.. Phase 2.. [2.. 54MB] pdf.. Sweden.. Musicon.. UiD is the leading planning consultant for the Municipality of Roskilde on the mixed-use development of a 25 ha new urban area called Musicon.. The plans were approved by the Municipality in December 2007.. intro.. structure plan.. 3MB] pdf.. process manual.. 9MB] pdf.. 2007.. Roskilde.. 7th Sao Paulo International Biennial of Architecture.. Henrik Valeur serves as a member of the jury for the biennial architecture competition.. jury's report.. [64K] pdf.. and speaks at the biennial forum about CO-EVOLUTION.. forum program.. [48K] pdf.. November 2008.. Sao Paulo.. Brazil.. UiD is the curator of the official Danish contribution to the.. opening speech.. by Henrik Valeur [20K] pdf.. statement.. [120K] pdf.. exhibition guide.. [4MB] pdf.. Press.. 10 November - 16 December 2007.. Ibirapuera Park.. Brazil.. 51st IFHP World Congress.. Futures of Cities.. Henrik Valeur is a lead speaker at the world congress session entitled Construction of Urban Identity.. abstract.. Lost in Transition [72K] pdf.. Henrik Valeur is also the moderator of the students congress forum entitled CO-EVOLUTION and serves as a member of the jury for the Ranko Radovic students competition.. [176K] pdf.. UiD participate in a banner exhibition of young architecture offices at the congress.. 23 - 26 September 2007.. Copenhagen.. AROS.. 20 September – 11 November 2007.. AROS.. – Danish/Chinese Ideas about the.. Exhibition curated by UiD in collaboration with prof.. Pan Haixiao.. [3.. 7MB] pdf.. [832K] pdf.. 14 September - 12 October 2007.. Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center.. Lectures..  ...   Society to new Concepts for Urban Planning and Design.. Henrik Valeur lectures at.. Huazhong University of Science and Technology.. 08 November 2005.. HUST.. Wuhan.. The Street: an Urban Platform?.. Henrik Valeur participate in a panel debate with Yu Bochun, Francois Geindre and Zhou Jian.. Organised by the.. 2nd Guangzhou Triennial of Contemporary Art.. 05 November 2005.. Guangdong Museum of Art.. Guangzhou.. Sustainable City and New Urban Mobility.. Henrik Valeur is a member of the jury for an international university competition, including the Tongji University Shanghai, the South China University Guangzhou, the Huazhong University Wuhan, the Berlage Institute Rotterdam, the Technical University of Berlin and the School of Architecture Paris Val de Seine.. The Jury.. The Jury Report.. [5.. 02 - 05 November 2005.. South China University Guangzhou.. Guangzhou.. The Perfect Plan?.. Henrik Valeur participate in a panel debate with Peter Hartoft-Nielsen and Bent Flyvbjerg.. Organized by the.. Danish Town Planning Institute.. debate.. in Byplan Nyt #4, 2005 [100K] pdf.. resumé.. in Byplan Nyt #5, 2005 [60K] pdf.. 13 October 2005.. Strandgade 27B.. 200% TENSTA.. Henrik Valeur lectures on the housing project "200% Tensta" for the course 105 0021: Building, product and process.. programme.. 0MB] pdf.. 20 September 2005.. Institute of Technologies.. Delegation.. Henrik Valeur participates in the Danish Minister of Culture's official delegation to Shanghai and Beijing.. 11 - 18 September 2005.. UIA05.. cities: grand bazaar of architectureS.. Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson are invited to participate with a paper, seminar and video at the World Congress of Architecture in Istanbul.. PAPER.. (abstract) [32K] pdf.. SEMINAR.. VIDEO.. Sign up.. Map.. [500K] pdf.. 3 - 10 July 2005.. Istanbul.. A new future for planning - young architects show the way!.. Exhibition and workshops for the.. 6th European Biennal of Towns and Town Planners 2005.. Organized by UiD in collaboration with the.. Participating architects:.. BLANKSPACE.. COPENHAGENOFFICE.. FORCE4.. MUTOPIA.. NORD.. TESTBEDSTUDIO.. article.. in Byplan Nyt #3, 2005 [780K] pdf.. in Industriens Dagblad [207K] pdf.. in Sydsvenskan [48K] pdf.. UiD05.. Booklet [3.. A NEW FUTURE FOR PLANNING ISBN 87-990146-5-3.. Publisher:.. The Architectural Magazine B.. introduction.. to the catalogue [72K] pdf.. 9 - 11 June 2005.. Masteskurene.. Holmen.. 200% Tensta - collective house.. Competion proposal by UiD in collaboration with consulting engineer Ole Vanggaard.. Honorable mention.. [4,4MB] pdf.. Awarded projects.. in Byggeri #5, 2005 [400K] jpg.. Maj 2005.. Tensta.. Stockholm.. The Open Community - A Role Play.. organized by UiD.. [0.. 4MB] pdf.. 2-3 February 2005.. AteljeX.. School of Architecture.. Lund Institute of Technology.. Lund.. NP04 - The Minority Park.. Competition proposal by UiD.. [4.. November 2004.. Nørrebro.. The Gated Community - A Role Play.. organized by UiD.. 6MB].. Article in Arkitekten.. [90K].. 30 October 2004.. Lund.. CE04 - Charlottenborgs Efterårsudstilling 2004.. Exhibition.. by UiD.. Brochure.. [740K] pdf.. [380K] pdf.. Opening 2 October 2004, 13:00.. 3 October - 24 October 2004.. Every day 10.. Wednedsday 10.. 00 - 19.. Charlottenborg.. Nyhavn 2.. Urbanism of Tomorrow.. Lecture and debate by Fredrik Fritzson.. [41K].. 15 September 2004.. Fullskalelaboratoriet.. Avdelningen för stadsbyggnad.. regional mapping.. Lecture by Henrik Valeur.. 14 September 2004.. Studsgadeauditoriet.. Institut for by og landskab.. Nykredit.. Henrik Valeur is awarded the Nykredit Encouragement Prize.. Presentation speech.. by the Minister of Cultural Affairs [44K] pdf.. Nomination speech.. by Claus Peder Pedersen [55K] pdf.. Acceptance speech.. by Henrik Valeur [23K] pdf.. 08 June 2004.. Nykredit.. Garden Flats 3.. 0 - Housing in Lyngby-Taarbæk.. Competition proposal by UiD in collaboration with consulting engineers Ole Vanggaard, Henrik Almegaard and Bo Andersen.. May 2004.. Lyngby.. The region.. Lecture by Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson.. Comments.. by Karin Lindgren [43K] pdf.. 03 May 2004.. Kårhuset.. CHECK-IN Oresund.. Conference on the Öresund region.. Organized by UiD.. Speakers: Henrik Valeur, Fredrik Fritzson, Jan Engell, Charlotte Lindström, Mats Olsson and Martin Holgaard.. Moderator: Morten Daugaard.. [75K] pdf.. [65K] pdf.. Working paper.. [12K] pdf.. 26 April 2004.. NEXT?.. Future housing now!.. by UiD.. Explanatory.. [10K] pdf.. Opening 22 April 2004, 17:00.. 23 April - 23 May 2004.. Tuesday - Friday: 11.. Thursday: 11.. 00 - 18.. Saturday - Sunday: 11.. 00 - 16.. Mondays closed.. FORM/DESIGN CENTER.. Lilla Torg 9.. by UiD and.. Opening 26 March 2004, 15:00.. 27 March - 09 May 2004.. EXURBIA.. Lecture on the Öresund Region by Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson.. 15 December 2003.. Faculty of Humanities.. University of Copenhagen.. EUROPAN 7.. sub-urban challenge, urban intensity and housing diversity.. Competition proposal by UiD in collaboration with consulting engineers Ole Vanggaard and Jeppe Steen Andersen.. Shortlisted.. November 2003.. Can Solé.. Barcelona.. Hamnbad i Västra hamnen.. [80K] doc.. 20 - 24 October 2003.. Design som handling.. Arkitekturens Dag.. Lecture by Henrik Valeur on user involvement in small town planning and realization.. 1 October 2003.. DAL.. Aarhus.. SUPERTANKER.. Copenhagen Harbour.. 5 September - 3 October 2003.. Luftkastellet.. Overblik - Kunsten og den nye by.. 8 August - 21 September 2003.. Museum of Contemporary Art.. Lecture by Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson on Urban Planning for a Multicultural Society.. 24 June 2003.. Can the future be planned?.. 22 April 2003.. Architecture&Design.. AUC.. Aalborg.. Under Cover.. Exhibition by UiD and.. Sound.. installation sample [307K] mp3.. 22 March - 25 May 2003.. Roskilde.. TAKE-OFF.. Vision by Henrik Valeur.. Havn.. Kunstfond.. February 2003.. 5 dages debat om byudvikling.. Article by Henrik Valeur and Jan Bille.. [52K] pdf.. Stads- og havneingeniøren nr.. 2, februar 2003.. ISSN 0038-8947.. February 2003.. AESWAD.. curio[city].. Henrik Valeur and Fredrik Fritzson participate in a panel debate with Tina Giannopoulos and Per Markku Ristilammi.. 13 January 2003.. Rooseum.. Malmö..

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  • Title: UiD - PRESS
    Descriptive info: Where did the idea for the Co-Evolution project come from?.. It came from the realization that, in order to find a more sustainable way of planning our cities, we need to collaborate rather than to compete.. We depend on each other to solve the problems which affect us all, such as pollution and resource exhaustion.. MetroLife 310108.. 1MB] jpg.. CO-EVOLUTION.. 7th Sao Paulo International Biennial of Architecture.. “Há dois tipos de moradores aqui: o que vai de carro, fechado e com olhar de medo, nervoso, e as pessoas das calcadas, risonhas, com roupas de verao, alegres”, observou Valeur.. ".. O Estado de S.. Paulo.. 181107 [312K] pdf.. "An ideal city should have diversities.. It should be a mixture of the old and new, work and leisure, and most of all, city and nature".. Henrik Valeur.. Shanghai Daily 27.. 09.. 2007.. [652K] jpg.. – Danish and Chinese ideas on the.. Danish and Chinese architects are trying to solve the problem of how China can proceed with its ambitious projects to improve the.. living conditions of its people without exhausting the very resources needed to sustain a better life.. Fei Lai reports on their work so far.. Shanghai Daily.. 180907 [804K] jpg.. Sustainable Urban Welfare.. Momentum is gathering pace for urban planning that puts both life quality and environmental concerns at its core.. A forthcoming exhibition will showcase the works of TongjiUniversity students at the cutting edge of this exciting field, writes Fei Lai.. Shanghai Daily.. 220807 [1.. 03M] jpg.. DR P1.. 151106 [13:45 min].. DR2 Deadline.. 141106 [10 min].. Det var väldigt spännande att få bo i Kina, och häftigt att få vara med och vinna.. Förhoppningsvis blir det här en bra merit i mitt CV, säger Karin Lindgren.. Corren.. se.. 111106.. blog.. at FAR2000 290906.. 参加北京建筑双年展的丹麦展团引 人瞩目——因为他们展出的不是自己国际的设计和城市规划方案,而是和中国的大学一起对北京、上海、重庆、西安四城市的特定地块提出有针对性的规划设计方 案。事实上,这个名为“协同进化——中国可持续性城市发展”的合作项目月初就现身第十届威尼斯建筑双年展,引起关注。.. Beijing Morning Post.. 270906 [754K] jpg.. CCTV International.. 280206 [10:00 - 12:00].. Den danske udstilling derimod tinges ikke af historiske eller kontekstuelle absoluter, men kaster sig uforfærdet over den kinesiske high-speed-urbanisme, der i disse år forsøger at imødekomme en massiv folkevandring fra landområderne til de store byer, samtidig med at levestandarden og forbruget i Kina er støt stigende.. Arkitekten.. 12 2006 [1.. Et dansk/kinesisk arkitektursamarbejde omkring byudvikling i fire kinesiske byer har vundet hovedprisen, Den Gyldne Løve, på den internationale arkitekturbiennale i Venedig.. Det er aldrig sket før og vil nu for alvor sætte dansk arkitektur på verdenskortet.. 101106 [724K] pdf.. One of my favourite pavilions at the Venice Biennale was the Danish one.. Its design is all pop, flashy and fun (just as i like them), its central themes (China and sustainability) are certainly very trendy these days but its approach is everything but superficial.. We Make Money Not Art.. 291006.. The Danish exhibit is one of the most successful as it combined statistical information as well as specific design proposals that directly addresses the observed data.. It is a collaboration between young design firms in Denmark and students in Chinese Universities.. Archinect.. 161006.. One bright point was the Danish contribution Co-Evolution (also on show at the Venice Biennale), which turned a one-year exchange project between young architecture firms in Denmark and four Chinese universities into four sustainable metropolitan projects for Shanghai, Peking, Xian and Chongqing.. Archined.. Unge danske arkitekter i Kina ser fremtiden udfolde sig direkte foran deres øjne.. Landet er så stærkt præget af entusiasme, at det ikke kan undgå at smitte af på kulturkritiske akademikere.. Weekendavisen.. 131006 [1.. 9MB] jpg.. Kina er fremtiden.. Også inden for arkitekturen.. Og de danske arkitekter kan lære meget af kineserne.. Personligt har jeg aldrig lært så meget på så kort tid som i de  ...   dansk-kinesiske samarbejde, som skal komme med bud på, hvordan man kan skabe bæredygtig byudvikling i Kina, hvor man regner med, at op mod 400 millioner mennesker flytter fra land til by i løbet af de næste 20 år.. 9 2006 [1.. Udstillingen Co-Evolution er det officielle danske bidrag til årets arkitekturbiennale i Venedig, som netop er åbnet.. Udstillingen repræsenterer seks måneders arbejde med at forstå Kinas enorme udfordringer eksemplificeret i fire lokalt forankrede byudviklingsprojekter.. ARK BYG.. 8.. 2006 [448K] pdf.. A NEW FUTURE FOR PLANNING.. En ny mångfald, i staden kräver en ny planering menar initiativtagarna till ”A new future for planning”.. En som fångar upp medborgaren.. Det är det spöke som drar genom hela den nya st adsbyggnadsdiskussionen som syns i ”A new future for planning”: Hur fånga föränderligheten, hur planera för den?.. Sydsvenskan.. 100605 [48K] pdf.. Problemet er, at man på forhånd mener at vide, hvad der er det rigtige.. Måske skulle man være lidt mere ydmyg over for sine egne begrænsninger og perspektiver.. Det vigtigste for os er at skabe mulighed for, at nye ting kan ske, og måske ligefrem fremprovokere dem.. Målet med styringen må ikke være at låse os fast i en bestemt orden og bestemte idealer,”Henrik Valeur.. Byplan Nyt #3.. , 2005 [760K] pdf.. Der er en stor afstand mellem den måde, vi lever på i dag og den måde, vi planlægger på.. Ud fra det perspektiv er det vigtigt at lytte til, hvad de unge arkitekter og planlæggere har at sige.. For de har nogle vigtige bud på, hvordan man igen kan gøre planlægningen relevant og brugbar i forhold til den verden, vi lever i, mener Henrik Valeur fra UiD.. Industriens Dagblad.. 030605 [207K] pdf.. Arkitektgruppen UiD, som i flere år har arbejdet undersøgende i forhold til alternative boligformer,.. bystrukturer og samfundsvisioner forsøger at løse problemet med et helt rum fyldt af indholdsmættede plancher.. Ret interessant – giver man sig den nødvendige tid, for informationer er der nok af.. Kristeligt Dagblad.. 061004 [109K] pdf.. Parallellt ordnar Henrik Valeur och Fredrik Fritzson, från arkitektduon UID, ett rollspel om gated communities.. Frågor som ligger helt rätt i tiden, och som skulle kunna bli en början till en aktivare roll för Arkitektskolan i Lund.. Arkitekten.. 300904 [89K] pdf.. “CHECK-IN Oresund” lämnar sitt bidrag till en gryende ny-programmatisk rörelse, en rörelse som kanske, med arkitekturteoretikern Anthony Vidlers ord, “inte kommer att prioritera arkitektur i konventionell bemärkelse”, men som inte heller kommer att väja för svårigheterna att, med hjälp av ny teknologi, kontinuerligt ge regionens vardag en meningsfull form.. Dagens Nyheter.. 020504 [360K] jpg.. TV2Lorry 260304.. P1Kulturnyt 060404.. »Byplanlæggerne er på nogle måder 30-40 år bagud.. De ser problemer i stedet for muligheder, og deres principper passer ikke til moderne menneskers levevis.. De nye teknologier har vendt op og ned på vores muligheder for at mødes, arbejde og udvikle os, og det skal vi tænke med på en helt anden måde, end vi gør i dag,« siger Henrik Valeur.. MetroXpress.. 060404 [107K] pdf.. Det 21.. Århundredes bysamfund er multikulturelt og består af små og store byer, sammensatte landskaber og befolkninger.. […] Det hard et dansk-svenske arkitektfirma Uid skabt en multimedieudstilling om.. Sondagsavisen.. 260304 [205K] jpg.. Ljudet används ofta som uttryck i samtidskonsten.. Det är vanligt i konstens rum, men ovanligt som konstnärligt uttryck i det offentliga rummet.. Konstprojketet Undercover.. Coma av den dansk/svenska duon CoMa, Fredrik Fritzson (S) och Henrik Valeur (DK), bestod av ljud i två befintliga telefonkiosker på stan.. I dessa små rum kunde man höra röster talandes olika språk.. Det lät som fragment ur samtal.. Synpunkt.. 0503 [78K] pdf.. region.. CoMa.. Kulturnytt Swedish Radio P1.. [3:04 min] [360K]..

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  • Title: UID - co-evolution
    Descriptive info: news.. contacts.. credits.. links.. press.. catalogue.. documentary.. program.. statements.. projects.. Danish/Chinese Collaboration on Sustainable Urban Development in China.. The exhibition in Venice, September 2006.. slides.. 5MB].. Award.. The Golden Lion Award for national pavilions is awarded to Denmark (CO-EVOLUTION, Danish/Chinese collaboration on sustainable urban development in China).. This pavilion shows us a country looking outward rather than inward, bringing its expertise to bear on the ecological problems faced by cities in China.. The Danish pavilion does more than catalogue these ecological challenges; the Danish planners and architects propose concrete solutions to water and  ...   We salute the creativity, intelligence, and generosity of the Danish pavilion.. The Jurors, Richard Sennett (President), Amyn Aga Khan, Antony Gormley and Zaha Hadid, 8 November 2006.. Reviews.. Régine Debatty about the Venice Biennale in.. We Make Money Not Art.. Best in Show - The Danish exhibit is one of the most successful as it combined statistical information as well as specific design proposals that directly addresses the observed data.. Mason White about the Venice Biennale in.. Bert de Muynck about the 2nd Architectural Biennial Beijing in.. © CO-EVOLUTION - all rights reserved..

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  • Title: UID - CoMa
    Descriptive info: info.. contact.. products.. installations.. publicity.. regions.. LA.. Öresund.. PRD/HK.. CoMa is an ongoing research project on regional urbanization and multicultural societies.. The process of regional urbanization can be seen as a response to the emergence of a multicultural network society.. Though many of the inhabitants of the urban region choose to live in rural settings, nearly all have direct access to most urban facilities.. The infrastructures which provide the accessibility also enable the formation of more or less autonomous tribes and ghettos.. Thus the urban region encompasses many different worlds, co-existing without necessarily interconnecting.. © CoMa - all rights reserved..

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  • Title: UiD - Search result
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  • Title: UiD - profile
    Descriptive info: Ambitions.. We believe that civilization is driven not so much by what is being achieved as by what is being envisioned.. Thus our work primarily aims at expanding the scope of our imagination.. Assignments.. We seek assignments that are challenging, and we attempt to provide solutions that may challenge traditional conventions.. (please.. contact us.. ).. Awards.. UiD has been awarded for its innovative approach, and in a number of international competitions.. UiD is also the curator of.. , which was awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, 10th International Architecture Exhibition.. Collaborators.. UiD networks with a range of international architects, engineers, universities, product developers, digital designers and visual artists.. By integrating knowledge, experiences and ideas from a wide array of sources, we believe it is possible to generate results, which go beyond the imagination of the individual.. (see.. Communication.. We use architecture as a means of communication and we create architecture through communication.. Experience.. UiD was founded in 1997, and has since acquired extensive experience in concept development and process management.. History.. Being very close to win a competition for a two hundred million euros project in 1997, we soon realized we had not sky-rocketed, but barely lifted ground.. It took a little while - let’s say a few years at least -  ...   is the only place you want to be.. And as if you have a choice, anyway!.. (Douglas Coupland).. Organization.. UiD is a network structure of both closely and loosely connected associates.. people.. Recommendations.. UiD had the designated role of process consultant.. They took the original concept and further elaborated it, adding new dimensions to the project.. And they managed to successfully communicate the project, prompting the motivation and engagement of the involved parties.. Jan Bille, Chief Planner, 2003.. recommendations.. ) [72K] pdf.. Role.. Complex systems are shaped by all the people who use them, and in this new era of collaborative innovation, designers are having to evolve from being the individual authors of objects, or buildings, to being the facilitators of change among large groups of people.. (John Thackara).. Portfolio.. Our work ranges from small urban installations to strategic global interventions.. booklet.. ) [3.. Publicity.. Our projects have been exhibited and published worldwide and we frequently participate in public debates, give interviews and lectures, organize conferences, tours and workshops.. Solutions.. We do not seek the perfect solution.. We seek solutions that can adapt to changing needs and desires.. and that may even provoke new ones.. Sustainability.. We work with a holistic approach, based on common sense and on applying both high and low tech solutions..

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  • Title: UiD - culture
    Descriptive info: HPFi.. Restricted international competition on the Future Art Building in the Orestad.. 7 teams invited.. Entry by.. PUSH.. / Christophe Cornubert with Abbie Chung, Grace Lau, Robert Sumrell, Merisa Dewa and Tine Østergaard.. UiD / Henrik Valeur (urban worlds).. Michael Heim.. (virtual worlds).. Consultants:.. Ove Arup Partners.. / Anders Carlson (structure), Jennifer Innes (MEP) and Eric Lockwood (IT/Acoustics).. Bill Balou, Theatre Consultant.. Los Angeles, 2000.. Extracts from the.. Jury's report.. :.. The Jury appreciated the project’s bold, descriptive and visionary tone, revealing many innovative approaches and stunning imagery.. [468K].. HPFp.. © UiD.. Prize competition on an Art Hotel for.. Hotel Pro Forma.. Proposal by UiD / Henrik Valeur and Bent Johan  ...   one another.. [232K].. Irma+.. Renovation project commissioned by the municipal council of Rødovre, for a vacant industrial building to be used by artists.. Proposal by Henrik Valeur, Thomas Kolding, Jens Jørgen Poulsen and Mette Vangsgaard, Copenhagen, 1999.. Irma’s Coffee Tower is a miniature skyscraper built in 1967 in a late modernist suburb of Copenhagen ….. Extracts from article in Politiken by Libbie Fjelstrup:.. [.. ] a very ambitious proposal, for the conversion of the Coffee Tower into an art building with film and theatre facilities, studios for lithographic artists, set designers, visual artists and architects, a framework for seminars and workshops and a number of apartments for visiting foreign artists.. [640K]..

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