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  • Title: UCAP Investment Advisors A/S | sikker investering
    Descriptive info: .. About UCAP.. Team.. Board.. Press.. Press releases.. News.. Products.. UCAP Invest.. Cresco.. Office.. Downloads.. Reporting.. Cresco documents.. Contact.. Login.. UCAP Asset Management.. Fondsmæglerselskab A/S.. Store Kongensgade 118.. DK-1264, Copenhagen K.. Denmark.. CVR 34590338.. FT-no.. 8307.. The UCAP-strategy.. - absolute.. return over time.. UCAP does away with the.. prevailing buy and hold.. approach to equity investing.. Read more..

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  • Title: About UCAP | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: UCAP is the short name for UCAP Asset management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S (UCAP) and the brand of our operating entities.. We are an independent investment advisor for absolute return products, and seek to avoid negative returns, whatever the market does.. The firm was founded in 2007 by CIO, Jesper Uttrup.. UCAP was seeded by Lord Jacob Rothschild’s family office, and related entities.. Rothschild’s remain a key investor and shareholder of our firm today.. Other owners includes employees and management.. UCAP has the  ...   The investment team is led by Jesper Uttrup, CIO, who has been managing portfolios with exposure in both developed and emerging markets through alternative investment products since 1992.. The management team and partners all have extensive experience in alternative assets and investing.. UCAP considers the relationship with our investors to be one of mutual partnership and as such we’re committed to transparent and detailed reporting.. See.. to be directed to downloadable reporting materials.. UCAP is regulated by Finanstilsynet, the Danish FSA..

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  • Title: Team | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: Jesper Uttrup.. CEO and CIO.. Jesper Uttrup is the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer and founder of UCAP Asset Management A/S.. Prior to the launch of UCAP and Cresco in 2007, Jesper Uttrup advised on the same strategy at Danske Capital where it was called the Danske Hedge European Nordic Equity fund (DHENE).. Jesper Uttrup was co-Founder and Partner at Gregersen Partners in 2001.. At Gregersen Partners, Jesper was Portfolio Manager on the Valhalla fund, a European equity long/short fund with a low risk profile.. From 1998 to 2001 he was Head of Equities, Alfred Berg.. Jesper previous experience includes Tryg and Danske Capital.. Jesper has 19 years’ investment experience, and holds a Masters in Finance, from Copenhagen Business  ...   a graduate of Copenhagen University, and holds a Master in Economics, and wrote his thesis on non-linear modeling techniques for the analysis of economic and financial time series.. Claus Jørgensen.. COO.. Claus Jørgensen joined UCAP Asset Management in 2010 as Chief Operating Officer.. Prior to this, Claus Jørgensen was Managing Director and a member of the management board at Nordea Invest Fund Management where he was responsible for daily operations from 1990.. The organisation had 40 employees and $20 billion of assets under management.. Claus Jørgensen was also the CEO of the Danish Mutual fund A-invest 1986 and 1989.. Claus has more than 24 years of experience in operations and holds a Masters in Economics, Cand.. Oecon.. from Aarhus University..

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  • Title: Board | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: Peter Sylow, Chairman.. Peter Sylow is a Partner at the European Institute for Risk Management (EIRM).. EIRM is a resource centre and knowledge network that gathers, develops, and disseminates information on a wide range of topics within public and private sector risk management.. Peter was also the Director for FSB, an entity which, until May 2010, was managing assets of DKK 2 billion into new business areas and companies.. Prior to EIRM, Peter was the CEO for Kommune Forsikring (a provider of insurance and pension solutions) from 1990’s – 2007.. Contact.. investor.. relations@ucap.. dk.. , if you need to get in touch with Peter Sylow.. Dan Moalem, Director.. Dan Moalem is the owner and senior partner at the law firm Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen (.. www.. mwblaw.. ).. Prior to establishing his firm, Dan was a partner at Lett.. In total, Dan has more than 12 years of experience in practicing law, where he has worked at some of the most prestigious law firms in Denmark.. Dan’s area of expertise is in the financial sector  ...   2000, he established the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (.. DVCA.. , if you need to get in touch with Dan Moalem.. Ole Jacobsen, Director.. Ole Jacobsen has over 30 years of experience in the investment business.. Prior to retiring from the investment sector, Ole was the CEO and CIO at Nordea Investment Management between August 1990 and October 2002.. Prior to Nordea, Ole was the Managing Director of AB-Securies and Head of the Investment Division at Andelsbanken, one of the banks which merged into Unibank in 1990.. Ole was a previous Chairman for the DSIP (Danish Society of Financial Analysts) as well as a member of the board of the European Federation of Financial Analysts’ Societies (EFFAS).. , if you wish to get in touch with Ole Jacobsen.. Jesper Uttrup, Director.. Jesper Uttrup is the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of UCAP Investment Advisors A/S.. Jesper has 20 years’ investment experience, and holds a Masters in Finance, from Copenhagen Business School.. , if you wish to get in touch with Jesper Uttrup..

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  • Title: Press | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: UCAP Asset Management Fondsmæglerselskab A/S.. 27.. Mar.. 2012.. Børsen Industriaktier kan følge råvareaktier ned.. 26.. Børsen Aktier bedst trods risiko.. 2.. Feb.. Berlingske Business Magasin Is i maven giver ondt i maven.. Previous mentions.. 14.. Jun.. Job annonce: Studentermedarbejder til kapitalforvalter.. Dec.. 2011.. UCAP Invest has its first trading day on the Nasdaq OMX Copenhagen.. 7.. Oct.. Uttrup Financial Advisors becomes UCAP Investment Advisors.. Previous press releases..

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  • Title: Press releases | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: Jun.. Dec.. Oct.. Soren Kjaer appointed new CEO.. 22.. Jul.. 2010.. Cresco fund profile appears in EuroHedge.. 15.. Jesper Uttrup is named one of Tomorrows Titans , Blue Chip Managers for the Next Decade.. Claus Jørgensen joins Uttrup as COO and Karen Page joins to take responsibility for Investor Relations.. 11.. 2007.. Cresco features in EuroHedge focusing on recent growth of Denmark in the hedge fund industry..

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  • Title: News | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: 1.. Ritzau Ny investforening i topform efter kort levetid.. 3.. Jan.. FinansWatch Anderledes investeringsforening: Useriøst at spå om vores vækst.. 16.. FinansWatch Ny investeringsforening klar til at ligge 100 pct.. i kontanter.. UCAP’s Lars Møller Pedersen explains why UCAP does away with the prevailing “buy  ...   afkast giver ro i maven.. 28.. Nov.. Børsen Valget varsler urolige markeder.. Aug.. Børsen Ny blodrød dag på markederne.. 9.. UCAP’s Lars Møller Pedersen discusses Absolute Return on TV2 Finans.. 8.. Børsen Risiko for blodrød mandag.. 30.. May.. Børsen Stigende råvarepriser kan sende aktiemarkedet i bund..

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  • Title: Products | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: We are Investment Advisors, our business is advising our clients on how to allocate assets.. The current product range we advise consists of:.. is a European equity hedge fund advised by UCAP.. The product targets an absolute return above 15 pct p.. a.. Investeringsforeningen UCAP Invest – European Equity.. is advised  ...   the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, it is the only long-only product which will let equity exposure fall to 0% when our analysis indicates equities are due for a correction.. In normal market conditions the exposure will be close to 100%.. Please contact.. for all enquiries and information on the products we advise..

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  • Title: Cresco | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: CRESCO is a high conviction, macro driven, long/short equity Hedge Fund.. The approach is directional and opportunistic.. The fund is suitable for professional investors only.. The following characterizes Cresco.. Listed equities.. Mid cap and cyclical bias.. Europe with a Nordic bias.. Active management using a methodical and structured investment process.. High Conviction – aiming at high return.. For more information on Cresco, please.. log in.. here.. To request a log in code, please contact investor.. dk for assistance..

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  • Title: Office | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: Our office is located in central Copenhagen, approximately 10 minutes walk from Kongens Nytorv metro station, or 5 minutes walk from Østerport train station.. Address:..

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  • Title: Contact | UCAP Investment Advisors A/S
    Descriptive info: If you wish to know more about UCAP Investment Advisors A/S or have any enquiries, please contact us at.. or call us on +45 33 18 89 00.. Our offices in central Copenhagen are easily approachable from both Kongens Nytorv and the Østerport.. We are located at:..

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