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  • Title: Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: .. Vammen Camping.. Navigation.. Welcome.. 2012.. Pictures.. Summer - Winter.. Ringtones.. Area plan.. Internet.. Prices.. Attractions.. Directions.. Welcome to Vammen Camping - a music-campsite.. In 1978 we bought a closed down smallholding, which allready then was situated in a preserved area.. Our campsite is built in accordance with our ideology about an international meeting place for music loving people - and of course for active music listening campers too.. The room  ...   Little by little the other buildings followed and the terraces facing south and with the view over the lake laid out and planted.. The lake has a sandy beach which makes is good for swimming.. Should you, after having read these pages, have any questions or want to make a reservation, you are welcome to contact us.. Anine Harm-Wulf Sluyterman.. Vammen.. 8830 Tjele.. Tlf.. +45 86 69 01 52.. E-mail.. info@vammencamping.. dk..

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  • Title: Welcome | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: Home..

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  • Title: 2012 | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: Bicycle path.. The bicycle path between Vammen and Rødding is finally ready.. From Rødding to Viborg there already is a bicycle path.. This means that you can now safely ride from Vammen to Viborg.. Tai Chi.. This summer we will once again offer Tai Chi  ...   At requests there will be yodel instructions.. Video will come.. Hikes.. Guided hikes.. Sport.. Organization of soccer and beach volley matches and other sport games events.. Djembe drums.. Djembe druminstructions and interaction.. Camping choir.. Doing the dishes is more fun when you can also practice choir..

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  • Title: Pictures | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: Click on the pictures to see more.. Everyday life.. Food.. Music.. The lake.. Family activities.. Children / young people..

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  • Title: Summer - Winter | Vammen Camping
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  • Title: Ringtones | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: Here you can download two free ringtones in mp3.. Ringtone 1.. Ringtone 2..

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  • Title: Area plan | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: See overview and space divition of the campsite.. (398kb).. If you do not have Adobe Reader you can get it here:..

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  • Title: Internet | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: Vammen Camping offers the possibility to write and check your e-mails at the campingsite.. We have, as the first campingsite in Denmark, installed a wireless network (WiFi), which covers most of the campsite.. In order to get online at Vammen Camping, you need your own computer and a wireless network adaptor which supports the 802.. 11b standard..

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  • Title: Prices 2012 | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: Prices 2012.. Adults.. : 81,00 kr.. per night (approx.. 10,9 ).. Children (11 ys.. incl.. ).. : 43,00 kr.. 5,8 ).. Electricity.. : 25,00 kr.. 3,4 ).. The prices include pitch, hot showers, caravan, tent, car, internet, vat and environmental taxes.. Dogs on a leash are free.. Open from May 1st until August 31st..

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  • Title: Attractions | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: Viborg Turistbureau.. Viborg.. Jernalderlandsbyen Hvolris.. 10 km from Vammen Camping.. Verdenskortet.. Danmarks Saltcenter.. Mariager.. Randers Regnskov.. Randers.. Elmuseet.. Bjerringbro.. Mønsted Kalkminer.. Daugbjerg Kalkminer.. Aqua.. Silkeborg.. Hjerl Hede.. ml.. Viborg og Holstebro.. Den gamle By.. Århus.. Aalborg Zoo.. Aalborg.. Legoland.. Billund..

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  • Title: Directions | Vammen Camping
    Descriptive info: Either you go by E45 to the exit 36 = Onsild.. Then 5 km down the 517 towards Viborg, the go right towards Vammen.. Or you go by route 13 to the roundabout at the combined power and heating station north of Viborg - then route 16 towards Randers.. After 1 km turn left via Rødding to Vammen.. If you travel with the help of an electronic navigator please enter the address Bygmarksvej, 8830 Tjele..

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  • Archived pages: 72