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  • Title: Welcome to WAsP!
    Descriptive info: .. Dansk.. DTU.. dk.. Index.. Contact.. Phonebook.. DTU Alumni.. Portalen.. About this website.. Søgeord.. WAsP home.. WAsP products.. WAsP download.. WAsP courses.. WAsP certification.. WAsP support.. WAsP order.. WAsP links.. WAsP – the Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program.. Print.. Welcome to WAsP!.. What is WAsP?.. WAsP is a PC program for predicting wind climates, wind resources and power productions from wind turbines and wind farms.. The predictions are based on wind data measured at stations in the same region.. The program includes a complex terrain flow model, a roughness change model and a model for sheltering obstacles.. WAsP has become the wind power industry-standard PC-software for wind resource assessment and siting of wind turbines and wind farms.. There are currently more than 3900 users in over 110 countries and territories, who use WAsP for all steps from analysis of wind and terrain effects to estimation of wind farm production.. WAsP is developed and distributed by DTU Wind Energy, a department of.. , Denmark (former Wind Energy Division of.. Risø DTU.. ).. Read more about.. what WAsP can do for you.. to see the details.. You may also download a demo version of WAsP.. WAsP will run on a PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7, see the.. hardware and software requirements.. Looking for a certified WAsP user?.. A WAsP certificate assures that the holder has reached a certain level in using WAsP.. There are now.. 186 certified WAsP users.. in.. 27 different countries.. – in Europe, North- and South America, Pakistan, India, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, New Zealand and South Africa.. Read more about the WAsP certification scheme.. Wind Energy Division of Risø DTU now reorganized into DTU Wind Energy.. As of January 1st, 2012, the former.. Wind Energy Division.. has joined with a number of wind  ...   WindFarmer 5.. [08.. 06.. 2012] WAsP Engineering 3.. 0 can now be used as calculation engine for the.. WindPRO Site Compliance module.. (for some of the more comprehensive analyses).. New WAsP version 10.. 2 Release B (10.. 02.. 0010).. [14.. 03.. 2012] A new WAsP 10.. 2 release has been published with some new or extended features, and solving a number of problems.. 0 Release C (3.. 182).. [16.. 0 release has been published solving a licencing problem.. You may have to re-register your licence after updating to release C.. New Windfarm Assessment Tool version 3.. [21.. 12.. 2011].. New features.. include support for the IEC 61400-1/A1 amendment and use of observed turbulence statistics.. New WAsP Climate Analyst version 2.. 0 Release A (2.. 0086).. [09.. 2011] A new WAsP Climate Analyst version 2.. 0 has been released, supporting WAsP as well as WAsP Engineering.. WAsP Climate Analyst 2.. 0 is needed for generation of OEWC files to be used with WAsP Engineering 3.. Copyright © 2003-2012 DTU Wind Energy.. All rights reserved.. This site is dedicated to WAsP (the Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program) and WAsP Engineering – and associated software and data.. The site is established and maintained by members of DTU Wind Energy, Risø Campus, Roskilde, Denmark.. General information.. wasp@risoe.. dtu.. dk.. Licencing questions.. wasplicence@risoe.. WAsP technical support.. waspsupport@risoe.. WAsP Engineering tech support.. wengsupport@risoe.. Phone and fax.. Ms.. Heidi S.. Jacobsen.. Phone:(+45) 46 77 59 43.. Rikke A.. Nielsen.. Phone:(+45) 46 77 50 97.. Fax: (+45) 46 77 59 70.. Post.. Risø Campus, Bldg.. 118.. Technical University of Denmark.. P.. O.. Box 49.. 4000 Roskilde.. Denmark.. Visiting address.. Frederiksborgvej 399.. Roskilde, Denmark.. Download.. WAsP Forums.. Future Courses.. Order Form.. Power Curves.. Tech News.. Other news.. ·.. B.. 49.. risoe@risoe.. Tel: +45 4677 4677.. Fax: +45 4677 5688..

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  • Title: Welcome to WAsP!
    Descriptive info: English.. Indeks.. Kontakt.. Telefonbog.. Alumnenetværk.. Om dette websted.. Postboks 49.. Tel: 4677 4677.. Fax: 4677 5688..

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  • Title: Indeks - Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Uddannelse.. Erhvervskontakt.. Mød os.. Job og karriere.. Nyheder og kalender.. Videnbase.. Om Risø DTU.. Indeks - Sitemap.. Cand.. polyt.. bæredygtig energi.. Study line thermal energy.. Study line biofuels.. Study line electric energy systems.. Study line energy savings.. Study line hydrogen and fuel cells.. Elite master education.. MSc Wind Energy.. Tilmelding.. Ph.. d.. Om at være studerende.. på Risø DTU.. Studenterprojekter.. Innovation.. Arrangementer.. Nyheder om Innovation.. Behovsdrevet innovation.. Workshops for virksomheder.. Netværk og andet samarbejde.. Igangværende projekter.. Afsluttede projekter.. Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster.. Produkter og services.. Analyser.. Impacts of global climate change.. Brandbjerg.. Kalibrering.. Certifikater.. Konsulentbistand.. Dosimetri.. Eksperimenter og test.. The RIMI project.. The Sorø Field-station (Lille Bøgeskov).. Lille Bøgeskov.. Measurements.. Practical Information.. Major projects.. Publications.. Fremsyn.. Isotopes production and radiotracers.. Bromine-82 for technical use.. Risø Demonstrationskilder.. Reactor produced radioactive isotopes.. Mekanisk testning.. Radiopharmaceuticals.. [18F]Fluorocholine.. [18F]Fludeoxyglucose.. 177Lu-DOTATATE.. [18F]Sodium Fluoride.. [75Se]Selenomethionine.. Isotopproduktion og mærkning.. Radon.. Risikoanalyse.. Risø Værksted.. Software & data.. Vindkort fra satellit.. Home.. Wind maps from satellite.. Wind fields from satellite.. ENVISAT.. Synthetic aperture radar.. Geophysical model functions.. What can we see?.. Solar cells.. Workshop.. Cost and registration.. Pictures.. Program.. Back to Workshop.. Undervisningsmateriale.. Innovations-cases fra Risø DTU.. Ny sparepære med diodelys.. Plomber der ikke skrumper.. Designerstol af hør og majs.. Risø-patent i millioner af mus.. Efteruddannelsesdag på Risø.. Spinner anemometer.. Big Science  ...   Miljømæssige bæredygtighedsanalyser.. Mikrobielle Energisystemer - MIC.. Biodiesel fra mikroalger.. Bioethanol.. Faciliteter.. Medarbejdere.. Produkter.. Brændselsceller og Faststofkemi.. Electrochemistry.. Electrochemical Evaluation.. Electroceramics.. Ceramic Processing.. Microstructures and interfaces.. Thermoceramics.. Materialeforskning.. Nano and Microstructures in Materials.. Research.. Groups.. Superconductivity and Magnetism.. Superconductivity&Magnetism.. Basic Science.. HTS mechanism.. Magnetism.. Fluxlines.. Neutrons.. Photons.. Transport & magnetism.. AC losses.. Materials Science.. New materials.. Powder -> Single crystal.. Project list.. Superconducting Wires.. Synchrotron studies of tapes.. Applications.. Cables.. Wind turbines.. Fusion energy.. Projects.. Facilities.. Education.. Staff.. Composites and Materials Mechanics.. Characterisation.. Ultrasonics.. Acoustic Emission (AE).. Thermography.. X-ray non-destructive Characterisation.. Digital Photography.. Modelling.. Tensile tests of curved specimen.. Gradient dependent plasticity.. Block compression test.. Processing.. Filament winding.. Autoclave Technique.. Press Consolidation.. Resin Transfer Molding.. Preparation of Test Specimens.. Metal structures in 4D.. Annual reports.. Introduction.. Science.. Highlights.. Previous highlights.. Links.. Detector Workshop Program.. Tomography Meeting - List of participants.. Tomography meeting Program.. Tomography meeting.. Radioecology & Tracer Studies.. Radiation Physics.. The Hevesy Laboratory.. Systemanalyse.. Energy Systems Analysis.. UNEP Risø Centre.. Vindenergi.. Aeroelastic Design.. Meteorology.. Test and Measurements.. Wind Energy Systems.. Wind Turbines.. Wind Energy Educational Programme.. Training Courses.. Intelligente Energisystemer.. SYSLAB.. Plasmafysik og -teknologi.. Fusionsforskning.. Reactive Plasma Processing.. Industrial Plasma Processing.. Optisk Diagnostik.. Termometrilaboratoriet.. Program for Solenergi.. Solar cells projects.. Biopolymers projects.. Student projects.. Direktion.. Afdelingschefer.. Kommunikationsmedarbejdere.. Eksperter.. EAN: XXXXXXXXXXXXX.. CVR: DK30060946..

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  • Title: Products and services
    Descriptive info: WAsP.. WAsP Engineering.. WAT.. Wind Atlas.. Services.. Print →.. Products and services.. WAsP.. –.. the Wind Atlas Analysis and Application Program.. In 1987, after several years of development work, the Wind Energy Department at Risø National Laboratory (DTU Wind Energy) introduced WAsP –.. a powerful tool for wind data analysis, wind climate estimation, and siting of wind turbines.. Read more.. WAsP Engineering (WEng).. WAsP Engineering is a tool for estimation of extreme wind speed, wind shear, flow inclination angles, wind profiles and turbulence in moderately complex terrain.. Windfarm Assessment Tool (WAT).. WAT facilitates IEC 61400-1 wind-farm assessment based on  ...   curtailment and need for site calibration before in-situ power-performance measurements.. Wind atlas.. We have collected information about wind atlases on the.. wind atlas home page.. This site is dedicated to the world of wind atlases, the wind atlas methodology and wind atlases of the world.. We offer consulting services to the wind energy industry, and have done so for many years, e.. g.. within wind atlas studies, short-term prediction, due diligence/second opinion, wind resource studies and QA and offshore measurements analyses.. Siden er opdateret af.. ---.. 12.. 2012.. /.. WAsP technical support.. WAsP Engineering tech support.. Phone and fax..

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  • Title: Download pages
    Descriptive info: General.. Software.. Scripts.. Power curves.. Demo & Freeware.. Download pages.. The download section is divided into several pages covering different aspects of the WAsP programs and the wind atlas methodology.. Here, you may view and download different fact sheets, brochures and reports describing the WAsP software, the wind atlas methodology and the Wind Energy Division at Risø DTU.. Here, you may download the current.. and.. WAsP Engineering.. software packages.. Download is free of charge and not restricted.. The WAsP software packages can be installed and run in demonstration mode; however, in order to run the models you will need to.. acquire a licence.. Previous versions..  ...   new and improved scripts for use with WAsP.. The page further contains uploaded scripts for previous versions of WAsP.. Here, you can find wind turbine generator data files (power and thrust curves) for different wind turbines which can be employed directly with WAsP.. The data files were submitted by the wind turbine manufacturers.. Demos and freeware.. You can download a demo version of WAsP or the WAsP Turbine Editor, which is freeware.. Siden er opdateret 26.. System requirements.. What's new in WAsP 10?.. From WAsP 8 or 9 to WAsP 10.. Installation guide.. Licencing guide.. Installation problems.. Licencing problems.. Previous installations.. WAsP 10.. WAsP Engineering 2..

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  • Title: Courses and training
    Descriptive info: Course information.. Future WAsP courses.. Future WAsP Engineering courses.. Future courses & exams.. Previous WAsP courses.. Previous WEng courses.. Registration.. Courses and training.. The Department of Wind Energy at DTU offers courses and training in wind resource assessment, site characterization, use of the WAsP and WAsP Engineering software and application of the wind atlas methodology.. Standard WAsP course.. Realistic assessment of the wind resource is a key parameter in any wind energy project – large or small.. The course aims at providing practical experience and confidence in wind data analysis, wind climate estimation and power production calculations – using the WAsP program, a state-of-the art collection of PC tools developed specifically for these purposes.. Standard WAsP Engineering course.. This course provides practical experience and confidence in using WAsP Engineering for the estimation of extreme winds, flow angles, shear and turbulence  ...   to meet the needs of a particular institution, company or wind energy project.. Such training is usually carried out at the premises of the client and may further include training in e.. siting of wind-monitoring stations, met.. station analysis, site characterization, and reporting of the wind resource assessment activities.. Please contact the.. WAsP team.. for more information and a quotation.. Project supervision and quality assurance.. For the experienced WAsP user, DTU Wind Energy can offer to review the data and results of any wind resource assessment project – whether wind atlas, wind resource map, wind farm production calculation, or tender document – in order to assure the quality of the work.. This transfers the latest knowledge and further build the capacity of your company or institution.. 08.. 10.. Heidi Serny Jacobsen.. Sales Assistant.. Wind Energy (VEA).. Dir tel +45 4677 5943..

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  • Title: WAsP certification
    Descriptive info: Certification scheme.. Certification examination.. Certification exam requirements.. Language requirements.. Certification questions.. Certified users by date.. Certified users by country.. Future WAsP exams.. These pages are dedicated to the WAsP certification scheme.. The certification applies to WAsP users.. You can read more about WAsP certification by following the links in the left-hand menu.. Please consider seriously the.. requirements.. for the minimum qualifications  ...   users in 27 countries in Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan, India, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and New Zealand.. The next upcoming WAsP certification exams are given.. here.. You can view lists of the certified users by following the links below:.. Certified WAsP users by certification date.. -.. Certified WAsP users by country and company.. 22.. Dir tel+45 4677 5943..

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  • Title: Software support
    Descriptive info: Software support.. Technical news.. Known issues.. FAQ.. Literature.. WAsP forum.. Support related to the use of software.. Software support requires that you have.. support subscription.. The support issues involve work directly related to operating WAsP or WAsP Engineering, such as:.. Installation of the software.. Setting up the workspace hierarchy.. Importing maps and other data.. Using the observed wind  ...   on such issues.. In addition to that (and with no time limit):.. Program bugs.. Consultancy?.. Project-related issues, i.. e.. problems related to special conditions regarding terrain, wind climate etc.. , specific for the project in question.. This will not fall under the WAsP support service.. If you require.. consultancy services.. , please contact us for an offer.. 13.. 2011..

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  • Title: Ordering information
    Descriptive info: Products.. Order form.. Terms and conditions.. Ordering information.. WAsP and WAsP Engineering software is sold as a single-user licence which is valid for only one computer at a time.. When buying software, the user receives (a) a hardware dongle and (b) a set of licence data (user name, unlock code) matching the hardware dongle.. The licence is only valid for a computer on which both the licence data and the hardware dongle is installed.. In order to use software by more than one person simultaneously in a company, one or more extra licences should  ...   Engineering software may be used on a different computer from the one where it was originally installed by (1) installing the software and licence on that other computer and (2) moving the dongle to that other computer.. In case the licence data (matching the dongle) are lost, it may be re-obtained by addressing.. giving a) WAsP licence number; b) user and company name; and c) the serial number of the dongle.. Lost dongles are not replaced; a new WAsP licence (at "WAsP additional copy" price) must be purchased to get a new dongle.. 31.. 05..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: DTU sites.. Technical University of Denmark (DTU).. Wind Energy's on-line meteorological stations.. www.. windatlas.. WebHelp for WAsP 9.. WebHelp for WAsP Engineering 2.. MSc in Wind Energy at DTU.. Other sites.. WINDPOWER.. org.. Danish Academy of Wind Energy.. Database on Wind Characteristics.. WindSensor/Risø P2546A Cup Anemometer.. Workshop on the Influence of Trees on Wind Farm Energy Yield.. Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), home.. Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), ftp site.. USGS Coastline Extractor.. Textbooks related to wind power and wind turbine technology..

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  • Title: Welcome to WAsP!
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